Friday, 20 June 2014

The Best Content To Write For Your Blog.

It can be noticed that most blogs that receives the most engagement - comments, shares, likes etc. will eventually lead to more natural or organic traffic. This course of event is understandably simple, the more engagement that you receive means more people will do the same and so the cycle will go on and on.

So how do you make this happen to your blog? As most bloggers could wish is more traffic and more interests to their blogs, the more activities we garnered to our contents are the more likely we can influence other people and influence is the essence of our intention to spread our content, nothing more, nothing less.

But the million dollar question is, how do you make this happen? The answer is by creating valuable and attraction worthy content, as they always say content is king, na dhow you package this in your presentation can be the key to a successful blogging.

Here are some simple tips you can apply to achieve the same purpose: 

Is your content relevant or are there specific audience who wants to read this?
Don’t just write what you think your audience is interested in, but actually do some research, so you know for sure your blog post will be relevant. Ask yourself if people or your specific audience would be interested to read it, would it be something they would find valuable, funny or just something interesting?

Ask them to engage.
Sometimes the best way to increase your engagement is by simply asking them to do so. You could ask them to share your article if they liked it. Also, you can encourage them to leave comments and engage in a conversation with you, ask them a provoking question, or ask them what their opinion is about the subject you have discussed in your article.

Write Quality Content.
After all this is the primary driver why would people would want to share your article or content. If you have a useful or interesting content people would share it naturally.

Of course worth mentioning is the quality of your article construction, make sure that you avoid spelling errors and other grammatical mistakes that can ruin the appeal of your article. Unless,  you welcome traffic that would ridicule your content because of those mistakes, Make sure to double check everything before you click that "Publish" icon. 

Attention Grabbing Headline.
First impression lasts, and this could after all the means why people would click on that link. Make sure that your headline is quite interesting so people would take time to take a glance and hopefully fully read as they find your content valuable. If it’s a good headline, or a good question, people are very likely to react to it and engage with you.

Trending or current relevant issues.
People have opinions about these particular issues, and are more likely want to share or be heard on their opinion about them. Writing about current relevant events especially if it is related to your niche or particular interest is always a good way of getting engagement.Bring your own views to a current issue you are passionate about and let your passion show in your writing – readers are more likely to respond and get involved in the conversation. Before finishing with your article, make sure you ask your readers what they think of the particular event or issue to encourage them to leave a comment.

Controversial issues.
People would sometimes love to debate on controversial issues. Just make sure that you are not offending anyone and that you are just sharing something that you truthfully believes in. This is a great engagement driver as the reactions you get to it the more likely would be shared and seen virally.

Do you have other tips how to write contents for your blog that will get a lot of participation to your audience? Please share it with us by leaving your comment below.

Friday, 6 June 2014

How to Increase Your Google+ Engagement.

Are you wondering how you can take advantage of this ever emerging social media platform? Google+ has over 300 million active users to date and certainly should be one of your targeted audience if you are into internet marketing.

Here are some of few simple tips so you can best optimize your time spent on this social media platform:

1. Show your best profile. Your profile is the first impression your audience will see when they visit your page and so improving the looks and information about it is certainly time well spent. Use a clear photo or company logo that identifies your personality or brand. Describe yourself that it makes sense why should people listen to you.

2. Create and manage circles. Find and add to your circles people who share your interests. Make sure to always make "Public" option whenever you make a post to make sure you maximize your exposure across Google+. Look to create circles to people who are regularly engaging with you, this will create a loyal group to promote your brand or business.

3.Be reasonably active. Make sure to engage with others, don't just randomly pick some posts and comment with it, make sure that you have an idea about the subject matter. As much as possible avoid bland comments such as "Great post" or "Nice one.", make an effort to input something of value like an idea or your opinion to a subject matter. Your comments should show that you care and understand the topic that is being shared.

4. Join Communities. Communities are a great way to locate and get active with people of similar interests. Look for Communities that describes your purposes and visit them to engage regularly. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Effective Social Media Strategy.

Despite the hype on the mystery of effective social media handling, it is actually not rocket science.

To make it easier, you just need to focus on what you are really trying to achieve. You can get easily overwhelmed as lots of these social toys are coming out almost every month 
So to save things easy, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before creating a strategy.

Who am I trying to reach?

Understanding where your potential customers are is important. Why would you spend time on Pinterest if most of your potential audience is in Facebook? In view of that there is no wisdom spending most of your energy on Pinterest if your potential customers are on Facebook.

How can I benefit people?

Social networks are not  platforms for you to crack out the megaphone. Its not roughly you, it is always about them (your audience). Create content (blog posts, updates, tweets, etc) that benefit or inform people.

For example, most likely you came across a useful post about creating effective video content and your audience are about people who wants to spread their contents online.

That's useful content! Share it!

What are your blog's content?

You should have a blog. If not, you are missing a big opportunity to make a community in the region of your content.

Your blog is your headquarters.

You own that fragment of internet space, which means you can get your hands on everything it is you throbbing. 
What you discuss, your opinions, your data, etc. are definitely or directly influenced by you.

If you're thinking to be present at all platforms in order to be effective hold a second thought to that.

Its easy to be at least present or register to all social network, forum, and blogs. But your statement shrinks every portion of period you enter an added arena, unless it aligns later with your content or brand (retailers and Pinterest make for a pleasing example of a platform aligning together).

If you have a  team that can devote its period to every single one part of the platforms, by all means obtain it.

But beware, casting a big net without knowing where your audience is won't arrive a net full of flopping fish. But if you cast your net into a school of fish that you can actually see, now that's an improved strategy.

How can I create my topics or appearance human?

This is important. If you are speaking and not relating yourself as a human being, you will fail. Period.

Social is a tool that makes it easier than ever to create humanness. Strive for that.

How can you create your issue more human? Here are a few examples:

Behind the scenes video of your office.
Highlight employees and what they appeal off concerning the order of a daily basis.
When creating Facebook, Google+, or Twitter updates amassed the persons pronounce whos making the update.
Post humorous pictures of your office party on Facebook.
The list goes going almost for. Get creative.

Your actionable task.

Your task right now is to look for things to improve your strategy. Where are the holes at? Are you focusing upon too many platforms? 

If that's the case focus upon the three platforms that you are having the most results. If you are without help one platform can suffice as long as you are posting on it effectively.

The excuse is because you nonattendance to maximize your era and your pleasurable judgment.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

5 Tips How To Get Likes/Engagement To Your Facebook Posts.

Here are some of the few techniques used by top brands and small businesses alike that help them get more activities on Facebook posts, i.e. more engagement means more traffic and interests to your business. 

This is especially helpful since posting new updates to your Facebook Pages can be a struggle sometimes. With some simple tricks and guidelines you can work wonders to your business plus it can be super fun too! 

1. Take Advantage of worldwide/national events and holidays.

Holidays or special occasions can be a great internet traffic driver. Think of all the sales being racked up by the super malls during holidays. This technique can garner common interest to your audience or fans as well. 

It doesn’t have to be a major event/holiday, such as Christmas or Easter, but really anything you can find, from sporting events (such as a local marathon, or a derby), or even just for fun events like "Zombie Marathon" . 

There are various ways you can capitalize on these events and holidays; for example, for "Zombie Marathon" you could post a photo of the costume you’re wearing  and then ask your fans to post their own pictures with their costumes or anything related to the event and then rewarding the best one with a small prize. Most holidays and events can be used to create a connection with your audience in some way – and make sure you increase your engagement!

2.  Fill in the Blanks.

The main purpose of this activity is to stimulate people to comment on your post. By commenting, you are driving traffic to your posts, you can further improve it by replying to your audiences' comments.Use these types of posts every once in a while to stimulate your audiences’ imagination and get them to comment on your updates. It can be something that relates to your business, or it can be about something else entirely, like for example:
“The last day I gossiped or pass a gossip was ________“
“The best weekend I’ve ever experienced was ________”


3. Check What is Trending and Use it...

It can be anything from breaking world or local news, new movies that are generating lots of talk, or a new song that’s gathered 10 million views in one day.  Use these trending events to share your views on the issue and to encourage your fans to voice their own views. 
These may not directly impact your business but it will surely reflect your personality and therefore gain trust for you. These types of updates can generate a lot of engagement, and they show your audience you are human and have the same interests as them, and not just selling as much as possible to them.

4. Polls and Quizzes

You can either choose to stay and create polls and quizzes related to your business – such as asking your audience to pick their favorite type of your products, like color, variant, etc., or quizzing them on the features of your products – or you can choose any other topic you can think of, and create polls and quizzes on subjects that may draw interests from your audience. Both polls and quizzes are very easy to create and set up, and can generate lots of engagement.

5. Use PostPlanner to help.

PostPlanner – this very useful tool allows you to browse through thousands of suggested status updates and use any of them. All updates are split into categories, making it easier to find the perfect update for you. Using the help of this app can be make your life more convenient so why not go for it, sometimes when you are encountering some difficulty all you have to do is to use some tool.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

How To Get Real Results Out Of Posting On Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups are so numerous that if you are a business minded person spending your time on social networks like Facebook, you would surely be thinking of ways how to benefit on the enormous potential of this platform.

Posting to numerous Facebook groups however can be time consuming and without the right strategy can yield you with little or no results at all. Come to think of it, most of the people who are into groups that allows posting ads are just there to post their own opportunities and are most likely less receptive to whatever you are offering. Without a right strategy and automation tool your efforts can go to waste.

Here are some of the necessary strategies in order to get real results out of posting to Facebook groups.
Strategy 1: Make your text or sentence short but full of impact. Long phrases or explanation just bore people on social media, most people are not there to read but to scan for information that maybe of interest to them. Instead, a short message and a definite call to action gets better results when posting to Facebook groups. A good example is my post which goes lie this: "Make money sitting on your butt! 

Strategy 2: Post with photos and images garners more interaction on the social media, so use it.Using images to emphasize a message is a powerful strategy to garner more engagement, hence, better results for your posting.

Strategy 3: Use an automation tool. You are dealing with numbers here, and without an automation tool you could end up spending all your time just posting ads to various Facebook groups.

That's it, if you just follow this simple step by step process you will have an automated advertising machine. Giving you leverage and  a stable source of income to whatever opportunity you want to promote on Facebook groups. Of course you need to join Facebook groups in order to be able to post with it and you need to observe certain posting rules on some groups.  
Facebook suggests groups of similar industry that you can join when you are inside one.  I actually have written to one of my blog post list of Facebook Groups that allow posting your ads and gets maximum results for your efforts. If you are interested to see it, please access here: Best Facebook Groups To Post Ads.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic Using Pinterest.

Pinterest when employed with the right steps can be a great traffic source. The social media traffic from this site is valuable as it entices real engagement from a targeted market. 

One of the things that distinguishes Pinterest from most social networks is that regular users are much more amenable to engage following brands; really, a staggering 70% of brand mass on Pinterest is generated by individual users, and not by brands (Digitas). 

So how can you make the most out of Pinterest, and steer as much traffic as reachable? Here are a few rapid tips that will profit more traffic leading to your sites:

1. Share your blog posts.

If you have a blog, later share your latest blog posts upon Pinterest. This you do as you share your blog posts also to other social networking sites.
To do this, you need to have an image inside your blog post which you can later share as you upload your post on Pinterest. Then as you fill up the description, include the link of your site into it.  
Ideally, attempt creating a branded image for each of your blog posts, which you can furthermore occupy Pinterest board. This habit, you gathering your traffic to your business and blog.

2. Share indigenous content.

Everyone is pinning content from the web and repinning others content as skillfully, hence one mannerism to assure you stand out is to share indigenous content that you created specifically for this platform. You can pick to create content that will service and give value or  make laugh (i.e. entertaining images, or attractive facts) or content that will lead to your website more directly. 
Original infographics are satisfying for traffic upon Pinterest. They are certainly popular,  they are more enticing than a regular blog declaration, but they furthermore have value to users, graphics are easy to understand and more entertaining to read than pure texts alone. A harmonious infographic will garner both more whole as ably as more traffic.

3. Add calls to act in your pins.

If you sensitive people to court proceedings upon your pins, subsequently you dependence to proclaim them what to realize. Try to put in calls to produce an effect-engagement in as many of your pins as you can, depending upon what you ache to reach. If you lack more traffic, subsequently do not forget to invite people to your website, entice them by giving them a preview of what they would profit if they get and subsequently declare them to visit your website for more suggestion / details / content.

4. Hold a competition.

Contests offer an easy showing off of getting more traffic, as following ease as more inclusion and more buddies to your Pinterest boards. There are profusion of tools that will protection you set happening a competition in minutes, such as Wishpond or Piqora. 

In order to profit more traffic from your contest, you can acquire people to repin a pin that promotes your website and furthermore includes a associate.

5. Engagement.

I always make certain to reference the importance of magnetism upon social media. As I mentioned earlier as proficiently, the more engagement you acquire, the more your traffic will grow. Set aside some period daily to repin others, later than their pins and comment upon them. This habit, you will furthermore obtain more buddies to your boards, which means more people will share your pins and more people will be nimble to see them, as a result increasing your chances of getting more traffic.

Try to use all of these tips and deliberately track each and every share of your traffic to see what works best for your Pinterest account. By checking your analytics regularly, you will benefit an enlarged idea of what works best for your business, and what generates more traffic for you upon Pinterest.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Your Social Media Strategy.

Social media is increasingly becoming popular. Devising a right strategy then is but proper in order to get maximum benefits from it. 

To make it easier, you need to achieve some regularity in getting some measurable results. You may spread yourself too thin by involving to so many activities as many of these social toys are coming out almost every month. Don't get overwhelmed just get yourself organized.

So to save things easy, here are questions you need to ask yourself following creating a strategy.

Who are the people you are trying to offer your products or services?

Understanding where your potential customers are is important. Why would you labor to be heard or seen in social network A when your potentials are on platform B? That makes no prudence, therefore judge easily, don't overwork yourself in a network/platform with zero or little results for you.

How can I give benefit to other people?

Social is not just a platform for you to broadcast your opportunities. It is just not working that way. Create content (blog posts, updates, tweets, etc) that help or inspire people.

For example, maybe you came across a pleasant step-by-step guide on how to remedy an acne problem. You encountered a group on Facebook who mainly has teenagers with interest for beauty products. Now that's useful content for them. Share it!  

What's my blog focusing or niche?

You have a blog don't you? If not you are missing an awesome opportunity to make a community regarding your content.

Your blog is your headquarters.

You own that fragment, which means you can do everything it is you expressing your interests and opinions to the world thereby spreading your influence to your captured community.

Focus on platforms that you are most effective.

Most people think that the more platform they are involve with the more louder their influence gets. But that is not necessarily true. That is a wrong approxiamtion.

Its easy to be present to social networks, forum, and blog.

But your message shrinks as you enter another arena or platform, unless it aligns in your brand (retailers and Pinterest make for a fine example of a platform aligning considering a business).

If you have a team that can devote its time to all the platforms, by all means complete it.

But beware, casting a net without knowing where your audience is can get you a lot of wasted time and money. But if you cast your net with some reliable strategy to capture an audience, now that's a sound business practice.

How can I create my influence human?

This is important. If you're not making your event more human, you will fail. Period.

Social is a tool that makes it easier than ever to create humanness. 

Strive for that.

How can you make your posts or shares more human? Here are a few examples:

When creating Facebook, Google+, or Twitter updates declare the persons who's making the update.
Post funny pictures of your office party upon Facebook.
The list goes upon. Get creative.

What now?

Your task right now is to devise your own strategy. Where are the holes at? Are you focusing upon too many platforms?

If that's the case focus on the three platforms that you are having the best results. If your time can't allow you to focus on three then go to at least one, and work on that optimally at least for now.

The reason is you want maximum results on the allotted period which you can carry out your social media activities.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The 3 Best Link Shorteners.

What are link shorteners for?
Link shortening tools do not only make your links look pretty, some of the best free tools out there has convenient features that can really be of good use. They also have some traffic generating secrets that any sites can really benefit from.

Here are those 3 tools; thus you can use them too and profit from the traffic they send.

I will also interpret how each of the three tools attracts clicks from unique audiences.

The top (3) three link shorteners:


I find the premiere partner shortening software for a few important reasons.

First of all every single one member contains anayltics that you can conveniently get just by adding a + sign to the end of your link.

Another awesome feature of intimates is that they are customizable.  It is possible for you to create

There are a few domains that are integrated behind technology for our greater convenience:

For those tweets where you are maybe looking for more space a bit more room, well, can do the trick!

Are you looking to share some links with customized name to your Facebook friends? is a great and convenient place to go! These partners can be customized as competently.


Despite the rise of Facebook, Google is still the #1 site in the
You will immediately profit from association of Google brand. This company has a large following and also a trusted reputation for your links to benefit from. partners obtain track clicks, but are not customizable.


The title of the homepage for the URL shortener is Drive More Traffic following Your Short URLs!

StumbleUpon is still the #1 social media site of the internet for referring traffic.

When you use the StumbleUpon attachment shortening tool this along with submits the content for people to stumble.

I have had content go viral upon StumbleUpon, this is a real traffic booster for your sites... 

Although StumbleUpon traffic tends to bounce from your site faster than traffic from subsidiary sources, when you are getting tens of thousands of visitors or more this can totally build your traffic generation issue.

Google plus tracks how many period posts are stumbled and if you have a name that goes viral upon StumbleUpon this will buildup the organic ranking of that make known in Google search results as quickly.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Changes On Facebook Fan Pages.

If Facebook is part of your social media strategy then you better brace for the latest updates on your Facebook fan pages. 

Facebook on March 10 announced that it would begin rolling out a streamlined space for fan pages. The purposes are for admins to have a better user experience and that managing would be a little bit a breeze compared to the old one.

So what are the changes so far?

The best that I experienced so far is a more organized timeline view: All posts will now be viewed in a single column, just as they do in your personal news feed or in description to a mobile device. Posts will no longer do in two columns, which many deem unclear to navigate.

The opposite (left) side of the redesigned page will feature key details roughly your info, such as a map to your location, details (phone number, website, photos, and videos.

Of course, allocation of the redesign puts Facebook's advertising features in the middle. According to Facebook, you can now view your running ads no matter where you are on your page.

Finding unread messages is plus easier, and a appendage section called "This Week" allows you to view detailed stats in a bit about your ads performance.

Pages to Watch allows you to create a list of pages that are behind yours. You can compare yours to theirs and be alerted of how your customers react to social media in your industry other than just your issue. (This feature was already integrated into pages, but the count design will manage to pay for even more data.)

Some minor adjustment

A Facebook representative initially said that custom tabs would be located out the More button. This would shove any apps that you use off your main page, as seen in screenshots upon Facebook's blog notice. However, it appears that Facebook listened to the outcries of owners and has returned the custom tabs to the main page.

More changes will be coming out soon hoping that it will encourage more usability of the site features and advertising capability.

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