Thursday, 27 March 2014

Changes On Facebook Fan Pages.

If Facebook is part of your social media strategy then you better brace for the latest updates on your Facebook fan pages. 

Facebook on March 10 announced that it would begin rolling out a streamlined space for fan pages. The purposes are for admins to have a better user experience and that managing would be a little bit a breeze compared to the old one.

So what are the changes so far?

The best that I experienced so far is a more organized timeline view: All posts will now be viewed in a single column, just as they do in your personal news feed or in description to a mobile device. Posts will no longer do in two columns, which many deem unclear to navigate.

The opposite (left) side of the redesigned page will feature key details roughly your info, such as a map to your location, details (phone number, website, photos, and videos.

Of course, allocation of the redesign puts Facebook's advertising features in the middle. According to Facebook, you can now view your running ads no matter where you are on your page.

Finding unread messages is plus easier, and a appendage section called "This Week" allows you to view detailed stats in a bit about your ads performance.

Pages to Watch allows you to create a list of pages that are behind yours. You can compare yours to theirs and be alerted of how your customers react to social media in your industry other than just your issue. (This feature was already integrated into pages, but the count design will manage to pay for even more data.)

Some minor adjustment

A Facebook representative initially said that custom tabs would be located out the More button. This would shove any apps that you use off your main page, as seen in screenshots upon Facebook's blog notice. However, it appears that Facebook listened to the outcries of owners and has returned the custom tabs to the main page.

More changes will be coming out soon hoping that it will encourage more usability of the site features and advertising capability.

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