Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The 3 Best Link Shorteners.

What are link shorteners for?
Link shortening tools do not only make your links look pretty, some of the best free tools out there has convenient features that can really be of good use. They also have some traffic generating secrets that any sites can really benefit from.

Here are those 3 tools; thus you can use them too and profit from the traffic they send.

I will also interpret how each of the three tools attracts clicks from unique audiences.

The top (3) three link shorteners:

1. bit.ly

I find bit.ly the premiere partner shortening software for a few important reasons.

First of all every single one bit.ly member contains anayltics that you can conveniently get just by adding a + sign to the end of your link.

Another awesome feature of bit.ly intimates is that they are customizable.  It is possible for you to create bit.ly/whateveryouwant.

There are a few domains that are integrated behind bit.ly technology for our greater convenience:

For those tweets where you are maybe looking for more space a bit more room, well, j.mp can do the trick!

Are you looking to share some links with customized name to your Facebook friends?  On.fb.me is a great and convenient place to go! These partners can be customized as competently.

2. goo.gl

Despite the rise of Facebook, Google is still the #1 site in the world.goo.gl-links-shortener
You will immediately profit from association of Google brand. This company has a large following and also a trusted reputation for your links to benefit from.
Goo.gl partners obtain track clicks, but are not customizable.

3. su.pr

The title of the homepage for the URL shortener su.pr is Drive More Traffic following Your Short URLs!

StumbleUpon is still the #1 social media site of the internet for referring traffic.

When you use the StumbleUpon attachment shortening tool su.pr this along with submits the content for people to stumble.

I have had content go viral upon StumbleUpon, this is a real traffic booster for your sites... 

Although StumbleUpon traffic tends to bounce from your site faster than traffic from subsidiary sources, when you are getting tens of thousands of visitors or more this can totally build your traffic generation issue.

Google plus tracks how many period posts are stumbled and if you have a name that goes viral upon StumbleUpon this will buildup the organic ranking of that make known in Google search results as quickly.

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