Friday, 21 December 2012

A Leaner And Meaner System...

Qualifying My Top Programs.

I am a proponent of advertising that pays for itself. Due to this adherence, there is one program that I eliminated as one of my basic recommended program to build your online wealth. In order to qualify on my system, an advertising program should not only be giving hits but also earns money so it pays for itself. Much better if it is giving you surplus income aside from the advertising credits you get.

I know that conversions depends largely on my sales letters or my ads but I am receiving sign ups using same ads with other platforms. More so,  the program prides itself that you can  advertise the same program to their own system since they are also reaching audience outside of their membership area. So I am using their own advertising materials to some of my campaigns there and yet so far with zero sign up. To this point, I know that my ad materials are not the problem but the quality of exposure that I am getting. Yes I am receiving hits but zero conversion, the program just cannot simply pay for itself.

Moving Forward.

With this development I am glad that as a result I have a leaner but more effective system. Results really matters and those that does not perform great should be eliminated for us to get real benefits.

My step by step method on how to make money with online advertising is also updated to keep up with the changes I have made. My advertising that pays programs are also built in with my system and these programs are from time to time updated to maintain greater efficiency. These programs remain to be effective as people are advised which are performing to as expected or which ones are stalling. Basic programs are changed less often as these are set to give us lifetime income.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Join Profit Clicking!

Now is the best time to join Profit Clicking. Profit Clicking has become wildly popular around the world today especially on the making money online industry. It poised itself to be a major game changer on the internet world. Mainly because it significantly changed the odds of winning and getting your money from the internet.

We all know that a lot of people are losing precious time and money on the internet before, aptly called the 98 percenters, signifying of the vast majority of people not making it on the internet. Profit Clicking changed all that, and that is because of some very good reasons: 1. It has a system that has proven itself that not only survives but also thrives all these years 2. A product that actually works. Advertising on their traffic exchange can really give you viewers on your promotions, even sign ups to your offers. Responsive members are higher than most traffic exchanges on the internet. 3. A management team that has proven themselves, most of them are retained from Just Been Paid which has brought the success they are in now. 4. Members that are not only massive but has some inner core of loyal patrons that will definitely stick through thick and thin with Profit Clicking. These hundreds of thousands of people alone ensures the long term sustainability of the program. Despite all the hiatus (legal compliance and server transfer), it has risen above the rest and came out stronger. Join Profit Clicking now.

I know a lot of similar programs are now coming out on the internet. But Profit Clicking is the only one that has been tested with fire and is still winning while with others you have yet to check when one crisis arise if they will still exist or not. A lot of programs out there just folded leaving the investors losing their money. Only Profit Clicking is shouting to the world all over that it is indefinitely sustainable(always hearing this with Profit Clicking like a mantra)  and indeed has proven themselves with its years of existence. Continuing to produce wealth online and teaching other people how to get money on the internet.

If you are new and need to know What Is Profit Clicking? Please check my previous post here (located on my blog archives menu filed under month of October) entitled just like that "What Is Profit Clicking?". To supplement those information from my previous post let me briefly discuss how do you make money with Profit Clicking.

You make money with Profit Clicking first by buying ad packages. An ad package affords you 1000 impressions for your advertisement on whatever other offers you have. This ad package then earns you $0.20 daily income on weekdays and $0.10 on weekends (you can buy 1000 ad packages every minute if you can afford it). These daily earnings can be repurchased for more ad packages to compound your earnings or you can simply withdraw it to monetize your earnings.

Second way to earn  in Profit Clicking is through participating on ad panels. Each time you have an expired package can be an earning opportunity as well. Four (4) expired  ad packages is equivalent to one ad panel which can be converted to $60 as soon as your matrix is filled.

Third way to earn in Profit Clicking which can be pretty explosive is by telling others about Profit Clicking. Profit Clicking has one of the best and highest paying referral program in the industry.. Giving you 10% on every 1st level referral or to those you personally referred and another 5% to your 2nd level referral or to those referred by your referrals. These commissions keeps on going  as long as these people keep buying or repurchasing from their earnings. And you can have as many referrals as you want!

These are the best reasons why it is now the best time to join Profit Clicking. Actually, yesterday was the best time to join Profit Clicking and now is just the second best time to join Profit Clicking. So hurry, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Internet income is too huge opportunity to just dismiss, a lot of people are already comfortably earning on this. Get your own piece of the pie. Don't be left behind, join now!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My 5 Simple Strategies How To Get Money Online Even As A Non Techie Start Up

As with any project, the start up is always the hardest part. As most of us already know, the two biggest killers of internet business are indecision and frustration. To counter these two you need some strategies to win and start to get money.

First is on how to deal with indecision. Generally, what you need to do here is to devise a winning plan and stick to it until results come out. You will notice that if you remove the clutters you will also see that there will be  improved productivity to all your efforts. Quit jumping from one opportunity to another unless that program supports the previous one that you already decided to have.

Second to deal with is frustration, one way to hit this straight to the heart is by achieving  immediate tangible results. And when you are already getting money that will obviously thwart all the frustrations that may start to arise.All the money and time you are putting to all these should be rewarded with real results.

Strategy 1: Get a good passive online income generating program. By doing this, you are assuring yourself of a steady flow of income while learning the long term and hard stuffs of acquiring some technical skills. Earning a full big time income through internet marketing could be a long process and may entail some spending, so a good passive income while on process of learning is a good help to thwart off any frustrations. I mean by passive is that you do not have to market the product  or recruit people in order to earn in this kind of program. To do this program are just simple to follow instructions, no further technical skills are needed.

I know a lot of scams are on the internet today so finding one should require due diligence on your part. Likewise,there are a lot of legitimate and good programs on the internet also. You can search it, and double check its authenticity. The trick here is to find the program that really works. One obvious method is to look for testimonials, just make sure that they are verifiable and try to contact those persons who are giving their testimonies. You can email them, google them, skype them look for them on their social sites like Facebook, etc..

Strategy 2: Set your target income on one program, if you need to join another program make sure it supports the promotion efforts you are doing to the original program that you already have. Get to advertise Profit Clicking and get paid by doing it. This strategy supports your course of action and that is to grow your income on one program, plus your ad credits from Profit clicking is fully utilized by advertising the other program there (you cannot use ad credits of Profit Clicking to advertise Profit Clicking itself). Until you achieved your target income that is the only time you can decide to either continue growing with the same program or to add another one of your choice for diversification. Most of those who jump from one program to another almost ends up with nothing. This is despite of the enormous time that they already have spent on the internet.

Strategy 3:As you are already starting to venture into internet marketing. Make sure to build your list not just promoting the sales page of your affiliate program. Most of the successful internet marketer would agree me on this that you got to have a list to make big money on the internet. Do not join a program where you are not allowed to build your own list. You may insist that you know some people that  made money just promoting some sales page. Well, if you can give me one, I can give you a hundred who don't. I mean, the odds of getting money on the internet just by promoting a sales page is not very good.

Strategy 4: Invest on tools as you progress. But don't just buy tools or viral this, viral that methods in one instant. Learn the basics of one tool first before proceeding to learn another. Too many information can be overwhelming and may add up to stresses and frustrations.

I highly recommend to start with an auto responder this will automate your online communication and is one of the basic tool that you have to learn. Be careful in choosing your auto responder as it will be a permanent tool to communicate with your established list. Transferring your list from one auto responder to another could be a problem. I am using  an auto responder from European Safelist and I highly recommend this tool, it is very practical since it is very low cost with so much features/benefits inside the member's area.

Strategy 5: Choose carefully a trusted online mentor and stick to his strategies. Some gurus may give conflicting opinions on certain issues, and following too many can be pretty confusing. So don't get confused, most of their profiles can be accessed on the internet anyway. So choose one that complements with your approaches. Only add those that supports the same strategies or methods that your first mentor are advocating. The key here again is due diligence in qualifying your set of mentors then stick to their strategies and updates.

Monday, 29 October 2012

I Hate OTO's (One Time Offer).

I don't know about you, but no matter how I ignore it for a number of times already. I sense some chilling feeling on what might have been or what kind of opportunity I'll be missing every time I encounter an OTO and do nothing about it. OTO's are designed to be like that, to call for action, to seize the opportunity so that people would commit.

But on the contrary on the buyer's side is the necessity to make an informed decision. And how could I make a certain informed decision if I haven't tried it yet? So that is why I hate OTO's, as a buyer I need to know the product first before I put my money into it. Online products unlike on the offline world cannot be touched or be seen unless you availed and experienced it.So there is no way of knowing it but to test the product yourself. Problem with OTO's is after you missed the offer you have to pay the higher regular price if after testing and you liked the product. It seems that we are trapped into this dilemma.

I then suggest a simple solution  for buyers to implement so that they can test it first and still avail the OTO's. In this way they have a certain informed decision before taking an out of pocket investment. 

You see most of the internet products or programs have a FREE to join option. Then after joining as a free member, the moment you go in to member's area they bombard you with OTO's and other call to action offers that leaves you on your nerves. In order to resolve this, what you are going to do is sign up on the program using a junk email (create one if you don't have any). Completely ignore the OTO's as you enter the member's area. Access the feature of the product as a free member then test if it really benefits you. If you liked it, sign up again using your legitimate or your contact email address then avail the OTO's this time. This way you benefit with the full potential of the product without you jumping to one offer without any confirmed real information.

This solution is simple, direct and can work to benefit both parties. So the next time you encounter a seemingly great product and telling you to join FREE! Arm yourself with a junk email test the offer first and decide for yourself if it is indeed great or not. Do not forget to sign up again using your another email and avail the OTO's after confirming on real experience that the product is true to its claim.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Three Common Approaches Or Types Of People On Our Group Who Are Earning Online Income.

How A 62 Year Old Lady With Almost Zero Internet Experience Starts To Create Wealth Online.

She is a neighbor who is active in our homeowner's association activities. She wanted a side income since she has no permanent work but involves herself to numerous offline selling business. Her husband is working abroad so she got some few savings she can use to invest for online ventures and create wealth online.

This person fits the description of people with type 1 approaches to creating wealth online. What we did is first open her payment processors free accounts so she can transact business online (Paypal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, etc.) . Then we opened accounts with two of the best advertising that pays programs, you may ask why two accounts instead of focusing to one? The simple answer is "Diversification" almost all financial experts tell you this to never to put all your eggs to one basket. That is security and efficiency rolled into one simple principle. Plus, since we have a unique feature in advertising that pays programs that we are given ad credits to each program we use each ad credits of  one program to advertise another. It would be senseless to advertise same program to its own site (nobody will join you there, people who will view your ads are already member of the same program). Too much diversification though can cause to dilute your efforts and reduce you to nothing. So we started with two and decide to grow her wealth online from there.

I introduced her to what I call Project 100 system. I call it Project 100 because after 100 days, she can withdraw 100% of her total invested amount which was $300 then and earned at least $300 dollars a month after that. Her stocks are growing so she is receiving way more than that every month now. All she needs to do is check her accounts at least once a week and decide how much to withdraw and how much to reinvest. I recommended to her that she never withdraws more than 30% of total earnings (30% earnings is more than $300) so that her withdrawals increases every month. This system works even with any amount of money, if you want to earn at least $600 a month then invest $300 to each program, if your goal is only $150 a month then invest $75 to each program. Creating wealth online can work with whatever pace you intend to have. 

Today, as I pass by our neighborhood I see this nice lady on a weekend with a cup of tea in her hand, in front of a laptop checking her accounts in 30 minutes or less . After that doing networking in social media as a way to unwind from a previous week of involvement with our homeowners association's activities. She is building wealth online and is already self replicating expecting only to increase as time goes by.

A Student With Zero Out Of Pocket Money Is Creating Her Wealth Online.

This one perfectly fits our description of people who approaches online income with Type 2 category. Those who got time and effort but no money to start creating wealth online. She is a student with no job so she cannot put any money to start her business rolling.

This is what we did; we established first her advertising muscle by signing up to a number of top safelists and traffic exchanges (my top safelists and traffic exchanges) along with it are payment processors so she can also get paid. Our approach is for her to be an internet marketer and earn commissions first to be used as money to invest with the top advertising that pays programs.

The total amount that she earned were all used as investment to Traffic Monsoon. As soon as she starts having a daily income of $20 to Traffic Monsoon, I recommended for her to get the basic internet marketing tool which is an auto responder, started blogging (contrary to popular belief, blogging can be easy) and start purchasing  also to other advertising that pays programs (Diversification).

After 100 days she started  also to have withdrawals.We allotted 5% of total withdrawals for paid advertising. Income starts to grow that she is now earning more than the income of her parents . She also self supports her study by working 3 to 4 hours Monday to Saturday as an internet marketer and investor with a solid wealth online ready to secure her future.

How A Salesman With No Fixed Salary Exploded His Income By Applying Our System.

This is by far has the greatest earning potential among the three. Our subject is a salesman who wants to change his life and dedicate about 3 to 4 hours of work everyday. He has about $450 that can be used to start his business. He fits to our type 3 approach of people who wants to create wealth online.

Since we already have discussed the two strategies, the third strategy is just a combination of the two. Or just a type 2 category with supercharged feature. Achieve more and faster wealth online. First, he also opened up his payment processors accounts so he can spend and can be paid online, then bought ad packages to top advertising that pays programs. Then joined My Best Recommended Opportunity. Used most of the advertising credits to promote the product in order to build his list and started to make a fortune. I usually recommend them to promote only one system or system that supports the main product in order not to lose focus or dilute their advertising efforts. Most successful internet marketers agree on this.

The proportion of amount of withdrawal and the percentage of amount to be spent on paid advertising is also the same. That is maximum of 30% on total earnings as withdrawal and 5% of withdrawals are spent on paid advertising. He is now having success and is doing full time home business building his wealth online.

My Contact Info

If you need information on how to get through all of these methods please feel free to write to me. I can  connect you through my auto responder but I opted not to. I want to communicate with you on a more personal and detailed interaction so I love to connect with you through the means below:
email address:, facebook:, and through twitter: @arnel_macariola. Let us start building your wealth online together.