Friday, 4 April 2014

Your Social Media Strategy.

Social media is increasingly becoming popular. Devising a right strategy then is but proper in order to get maximum benefits from it. 

To make it easier, you need to achieve some regularity in getting some measurable results. You may spread yourself too thin by involving to so many activities as many of these social toys are coming out almost every month. Don't get overwhelmed just get yourself organized.

So to save things easy, here are questions you need to ask yourself following creating a strategy.

Who are the people you are trying to offer your products or services?

Understanding where your potential customers are is important. Why would you labor to be heard or seen in social network A when your potentials are on platform B? That makes no prudence, therefore judge easily, don't overwork yourself in a network/platform with zero or little results for you.

How can I give benefit to other people?

Social is not just a platform for you to broadcast your opportunities. It is just not working that way. Create content (blog posts, updates, tweets, etc) that help or inspire people.

For example, maybe you came across a pleasant step-by-step guide on how to remedy an acne problem. You encountered a group on Facebook who mainly has teenagers with interest for beauty products. Now that's useful content for them. Share it!  

What's my blog focusing or niche?

You have a blog don't you? If not you are missing an awesome opportunity to make a community regarding your content.

Your blog is your headquarters.

You own that fragment, which means you can do everything it is you expressing your interests and opinions to the world thereby spreading your influence to your captured community.

Focus on platforms that you are most effective.

Most people think that the more platform they are involve with the more louder their influence gets. But that is not necessarily true. That is a wrong approxiamtion.

Its easy to be present to social networks, forum, and blog.

But your message shrinks as you enter another arena or platform, unless it aligns in your brand (retailers and Pinterest make for a fine example of a platform aligning considering a business).

If you have a team that can devote its time to all the platforms, by all means complete it.

But beware, casting a net without knowing where your audience is can get you a lot of wasted time and money. But if you cast your net with some reliable strategy to capture an audience, now that's a sound business practice.

How can I create my influence human?

This is important. If you're not making your event more human, you will fail. Period.

Social is a tool that makes it easier than ever to create humanness. 

Strive for that.

How can you make your posts or shares more human? Here are a few examples:

When creating Facebook, Google+, or Twitter updates declare the persons who's making the update.
Post funny pictures of your office party upon Facebook.
The list goes upon. Get creative.

What now?

Your task right now is to devise your own strategy. Where are the holes at? Are you focusing upon too many platforms?

If that's the case focus on the three platforms that you are having the best results. If your time can't allow you to focus on three then go to at least one, and work on that optimally at least for now.

The reason is you want maximum results on the allotted period which you can carry out your social media activities.