Thursday, 8 October 2015

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Friday, 2 October 2015

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Traffic Monsoon Review. Is it a Scam or Legit?

Traffic Monsoon's admin Charles Scoville with son.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

The following review will tell you details of what I know with Traffic Monsoon. Enough of reviews that only gives out the good side of the program just in order to promote the program and the "review side" is only for the promotion. 

The other extreme side is like some Wealthy Affiliate program promoters where they bash all other programs as scams in order to promote their program as one of the few who is legit and the only best program out there.

This review is coming from a member or from an insider's view, or else you wouldn't get any better information at all. An information coming from just an observer may only be predictions or based on other people's experiences and may not be a better guess than yours. 

Before I tell you if Traffic Monsoon is a scam or not let me discuss first what it is and who is the owner/admin of the site. Then at the end of this blog post, I'll discuss or give conclusion if Traffic Monsoon is a scam or not.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

So to really define a particular thing we have to talk about what it is. What Traffic Monsoon does  and how it is going to benefit us? 

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising site where advertisers can buy internet traffic for their sites or offers while offering an option to also buy revenue shares. Revenue share packages aside from giving you advertising credits will also give you potential earnings. With Traffic Monsoon the cost of an advertising package is $50 that will give you a maximum earning potential of $55. 

Even as a free member you can still earn from this site. Traffic Monsoon offers cash links that pays you $0.02 to $0.001 dollar per click. Also all members will earn 10% referral commissions to all purchases of advertising and 100% equivalent commissions to all the earnings through clicks of your referrals. So far, all withdrawals are paid on time or no unreasonable delays have been reported. 

As a pure advertiser you can also use Traffic Monsoon. Most if not all of the members on this site is into making money from the internet so if your niche is the same this particular site is for you to expose your offers. It is also worth noting that since Paypal is one of the payment processors accepted this is already verified as not a HYIP or Ponzi scheme, although I would be quick to also say that this is not an outright guarantee that it will be a long term and profitable program. 

Lots of sites are being created with features like Traffic Monsoon or at least saying that they are also ad revenue share sites. Most of them fold out in less than 3 months. It is just then a question of some practical  features that can spell its  sustainability and of course admin management that will predict longevity of the program. Traffic Monsoon looks to outperform them all, the next paragraphs will discuss about this aspect.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Who is Traffic Monsoon?

The program is almost as equivalent as its admin or owner. In this case the admin of Traffic Monsoon is Charles Scoville. Charles Scoville is quite experienced in this industry as he had administered quite a number of PTC sites before like InfinityBux and even ad revenue share site AdHitProfits included. 

This serve as both a negative and positive scores for him because some of these sites are already closed or just stopped making money but in fairness to the guy he is quite outright in giving expectations with these programs. In short the guy is honest but these programs were not sustainable at all. Hopefully this serves a lot of lessons to him that he is offering something better now with Traffic Monsoon. At the onset it looks and feel better even with its security and the likes.

He is also travelling abroad meeting people in order to promote the business, a good sign for me, as this will not only level up transactions but also induces trust (few online scammers would even dare meet its customers face to face) . This will add sustainability to the business.
 Here is a video of him featured on YouTube: 

A quick search on the internet about the website information indicates that is a legit site with registration information below: 

Traffic Monsoon 
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 48
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 16-may-2015
Creation Date: 30-aug-2014
Expiration Date: 30-aug-2016

The Conclusion:

Traffic Monsoon to me is a good site to use if you are to promote something on the internet especially on the "Make Money Online" industry. Traffic Monsoon is not an investment site as the program clearly stipulates so don't use it as such. A lot of people are using revenue sharing sites for money games not even caring about for its advertising value. 

I don't blame them as it is their money and the earnings are really good considering that this is practically passive (unless you consider clicking 10 ads a day hardwork). Just make sure that you understand the risks and don't cry SCAM if your money is "stucked"  because revenue shares are not moving that much at all.

Make sure then to use the traffic you bought by using your advertising credits judiciously. For me, I use my splash page to distribute a FREE ebook which I believe is high value and would really benefit readers. In return I am getting leads for my main business opportunity.

Charles Scoville is a good man but is his kind heartedness and good intention enough to sustain the program to long term profitability? I guess only time will tell, so better spend only what you can afford to lose. 

I see a lot of improvement on this site when compared to his previous program like AdHitProfits, but still, are these improvements enough to assure us that this time it will not fold or again become stagnant?

My over all recommendation is to use Traffic Monsoon, this is certainly not a SCAM program but again only buy what you can afford to lose. Make some earnings by employing a reinvestment strategy while advertising your offers. 

This is a practical approach to immediately make money online while promoting your other offers, a win win situation. You have your money well spent on high value advertising plus the potential to earn that money back for MORE! 

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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Best Content To Write For Your Blog.

It can be noticed that most blogs that receives the most engagement - comments, shares, likes etc. will eventually lead to more natural or organic traffic. This course of event is understandably simple, the more engagement that you receive means more people will do the same and so the cycle will go on and on.

So how do you make this happen to your blog? As most bloggers could wish is more traffic and more interests to their blogs, the more activities we garnered to our contents are the more likely we can influence other people and influence is the essence of our intention to spread our content, nothing more, nothing less.

But the million dollar question is, how do you make this happen? The answer is by creating valuable and attraction worthy content, as they always say content is king, na dhow you package this in your presentation can be the key to a successful blogging.

Here are some simple tips you can apply to achieve the same purpose: 

Is your content relevant or are there specific audience who wants to read this?
Don’t just write what you think your audience is interested in, but actually do some research, so you know for sure your blog post will be relevant. Ask yourself if people or your specific audience would be interested to read it, would it be something they would find valuable, funny or just something interesting?

Ask them to engage.
Sometimes the best way to increase your engagement is by simply asking them to do so. You could ask them to share your article if they liked it. Also, you can encourage them to leave comments and engage in a conversation with you, ask them a provoking question, or ask them what their opinion is about the subject you have discussed in your article.

Write Quality Content.
After all this is the primary driver why would people would want to share your article or content. If you have a useful or interesting content people would share it naturally.

Of course worth mentioning is the quality of your article construction, make sure that you avoid spelling errors and other grammatical mistakes that can ruin the appeal of your article. Unless,  you welcome traffic that would ridicule your content because of those mistakes, Make sure to double check everything before you click that "Publish" icon. 

Attention Grabbing Headline.
First impression lasts, and this could after all the means why people would click on that link. Make sure that your headline is quite interesting so people would take time to take a glance and hopefully fully read as they find your content valuable. If it’s a good headline, or a good question, people are very likely to react to it and engage with you.

Trending or current relevant issues.
People have opinions about these particular issues, and are more likely want to share or be heard on their opinion about them. Writing about current relevant events especially if it is related to your niche or particular interest is always a good way of getting engagement.Bring your own views to a current issue you are passionate about and let your passion show in your writing – readers are more likely to respond and get involved in the conversation. Before finishing with your article, make sure you ask your readers what they think of the particular event or issue to encourage them to leave a comment.

Controversial issues.
People would sometimes love to debate on controversial issues. Just make sure that you are not offending anyone and that you are just sharing something that you truthfully believes in. This is a great engagement driver as the reactions you get to it the more likely would be shared and seen virally.

Do you have other tips how to write contents for your blog that will get a lot of participation to your audience? Please share it with us by leaving your comment below.

Friday, 6 June 2014

How to Increase Your Google+ Engagement.

Are you wondering how you can take advantage of this ever emerging social media platform? Google+ has over 300 million active users to date and certainly should be one of your targeted audience if you are into internet marketing.

Here are some of few simple tips so you can best optimize your time spent on this social media platform:

1. Show your best profile. Your profile is the first impression your audience will see when they visit your page and so improving the looks and information about it is certainly time well spent. Use a clear photo or company logo that identifies your personality or brand. Describe yourself that it makes sense why should people listen to you.

2. Create and manage circles. Find and add to your circles people who share your interests. Make sure to always make "Public" option whenever you make a post to make sure you maximize your exposure across Google+. Look to create circles to people who are regularly engaging with you, this will create a loyal group to promote your brand or business.

3.Be reasonably active. Make sure to engage with others, don't just randomly pick some posts and comment with it, make sure that you have an idea about the subject matter. As much as possible avoid bland comments such as "Great post" or "Nice one.", make an effort to input something of value like an idea or your opinion to a subject matter. Your comments should show that you care and understand the topic that is being shared.

4. Join Communities. Communities are a great way to locate and get active with people of similar interests. Look for Communities that describes your purposes and visit them to engage regularly. 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

5 Essential Tips To Increase Blog Traffic.

You got a blog but how do you get it more effective? How does it reach enough number of people more so with your target audience and more importantly influence others so you get your intended results? Otherwise what are you spending your precious time and efforts for?

On the next proceeding paragraphs are some of the easy to apply tips and strategies so you get more effective blog. Easy because you do not need special tools than what you already have and easy because you do not need complicated instructions to accomplish it. What you need are just fresh approaches and focus so you get the results that you want.

So here are some of the list that you need to apply ASAP!

1. Be helpful. This is how you build loyalty to your community, providing something that can be helpful is how sometimes you keep them indebted and realize that it is worth their while to stay updated with your blogs. Creating good value content is what it is all about. Ask the question. Is it helpful? If not then start over again don't just type in anything , make sure you provide good value and much of the work is already done.

2. Make sure it is searchable. Make a proper keyword search before publishing your blog. Don't let your effort go to waste by making your blog impossible to be found with the right search keywords that are apt and proper for your content and your target audience.
3. Use images to attract traffic. We are all visual creatures, well, unless you are visually impaired images can really influence and make your audience's attention stick.  As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, your images can also convey your messages more easily and make it more easily remembered.

4. Know your target audience. What you basically need to do is to match your contents to your targeted audiences. This is simple logic but rarely perfectly applied. You cannot write something that is not relevant to your audience otherwise they will lose interest and will not visit your site anymore. So do proper research and make what makes your audience tick and write it to them. Provide something that can generate interest and write something of benefit with it.

5. Use the power of Social Media. Social media is a growing industry because of the power and convenience that it provides. Take advantage of its features by sharing your blog or contents through it. I am using the MultiSocialSuite tool from CashUnite to reshare or schedule my contents to numerous social media platforms.  Milking your content by retweeting or resharing it is a good strategy, as long as your content is of good value your audience never mind seeing it again and again. Some of your audiences who are online at different time may not see it the first time anyway and some people or in fact most of the people needs to see it being posted many times before deciding to click it.