Thursday, 14 February 2013

Profit Clicking People Are Either Shameless Crooks Or Are Offering A Totally Legitimate Online Business Opportunity.

Mixed Signals.

Profit Clicking as of today sends a confusing message.  On one end are active customer support from the admin ready to answer queries also they implement day to day changes/improvements on its site's functionality. On the other end are the perennial problems since its inception with the most evil of them all the "withdrawal system". People cannot simply get there money out, implying sense of bankruptcy/instability. The million dollar reward challenge by Frederick Mann after all should be distributed to all members as one discontented member puts it on his Facebook wall. If Profit Clicking folds despite of their pronouncements it only proves that they are really just one of the usual shameless crooks plying the internet. But if they can pull itself through and regain the respect it once enjoy then it only proves that they are indeed legitimate online business opportunity set to trail blaze the once unconquered road of high paying yet sustainable program.

Assurances From The Admin.

The admin tirelessly issues statements of assurances almost holding all its members in a trance. Every time they have a message they always see to it that there is a portion of declaration of system's sustainability. Even trying so hard to discourage negative comments from members on the internet.

People are then divided to two groups, those that constantly complain and those who are totally positive. Some just like me take the stance of being an observer, just waiting for the system to take them through. I really don't have any idea anymore where does the Profit Clicking stand for. Not only taking the Profit Clicking word for it but really checking whether the situation really improved. If the admin has really taken a positive, effective and meaningful steps towards improving the system is a thing that is to be shown yet.

Recommended Winning Stance For Everyone.

For non-members I still highly recommend to join on this program. Take the chance to use the free advertising, marketing tips and training you will get once you enter the member's area. These are real value benefits you get for free. However I discourage anyone to purchase ad packages at this point, I really think that Profit Clicking should improve the withdrawal system first before any fresh money should be put in the system. After all this is still a business and people should see first that the company is paying before putting any money into it.

For members, to quit whining and to just give Profit Clicking the opportunity to work their way through. A chance for them to show that indeed they are here to offer a genuine opportunity not just take other people's money. Personally, now at this status, I cannot in my good conscience enjoin people to spend their precious money unless  I see Profit Clicking improve specifically the withdrawal system. But I also want to grab this opportunity by availing the free membership and check if the system improves.

We should see signs that Profit Clicking has a legitimate system to generate money not just to take another batch of fresh money to pay  what they owed from the old members. In that case Profit Clicking taking another fresh money just to bail out from the present situation is a vicious cycle that should be stopped.  Profit Clicking should show resolve that indeed it is a gift from heaven for everyone to really make money online. Not just another scheme with a sulfurous stench from hell usually put up by scam artist leading people to a world of regret and misery.

If not yet a member access free sign up here and claim the $10 you can use to buy ad package: 
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