Friday, 21 December 2012

A Leaner And Meaner System...

Qualifying My Top Programs.

I am a proponent of advertising that pays for itself. Due to this adherence, there is one program that I eliminated as one of my basic recommended program to build your online wealth. In order to qualify on my system, an advertising program should not only be giving hits but also earns money so it pays for itself. Much better if it is giving you surplus income aside from the advertising credits you get.

I know that conversions depends largely on my sales letters or my ads but I am receiving sign ups using same ads with other platforms. More so,  the program prides itself that you can  advertise the same program to their own system since they are also reaching audience outside of their membership area. So I am using their own advertising materials to some of my campaigns there and yet so far with zero sign up. To this point, I know that my ad materials are not the problem but the quality of exposure that I am getting. Yes I am receiving hits but zero conversion, the program just cannot simply pay for itself.

Moving Forward.

With this development I am glad that as a result I have a leaner but more effective system. Results really matters and those that does not perform great should be eliminated for us to get real benefits.

My step by step method on how to make money with online advertising is also updated to keep up with the changes I have made. My advertising that pays programs are also built in with my system and these programs are from time to time updated to maintain greater efficiency. These programs remain to be effective as people are advised which are performing to as expected or which ones are stalling. Basic programs are changed less often as these are set to give us lifetime income.