Thursday, 21 February 2013

HourlyRevShare Legit Or Scam? (An Honest Review).

HourlyRevShare Legit Or Scam (An Honest Review).

I have joined HourlyRevShare (HRS) last January 31, 2013 and during this time I have explored HRS full features, proven the benefits, and tested the claims of this program. By now then, I can give a more thorough review on this program. To have an honest review whether this program is legit or scam. Whether HourlyRevShare can really make money using revenue shares and generate profits from its stated income sources.

Who Is HourlyRevShare?

The site introduces itself to be owned/admin by Analie Steinway. She introduced herself to be an experienced Forex Trader and uses her expertise on this industry as one of the income generating source for this program along with Online Advertising. Online Advertising rudiments however are more ably handled by her partners already expert on this type of industry.

Analie Steinway is based on Germany where she runs her own Forex Trading business. The whole trading arms of HourlyRevShare along with her partners on Online Advertising is officially registered as Fifthavenue Advertising Company LLC  registered offshore in St Kitts & Nevis, in the Caribbean, on February 1st, 2013.

The website information when it was updated was registered as follows:

Site Registration: ICANN Registrar: ENOM Inc.
Created: 2013-01-30
Expires: 2014-01-30
Script: Phpflux
DDoS Protection: Cloudflare
Creation Date: 30 Jan 2013 07:11:00
Expiration Date: 29 Jan 2014 23:11:00

Then a smooth server migration was implemented last February 21, 2013 to usher the growth of the company. The system along with the program is continuously improving to accommodate explosive growth and enhance user friendliness.

What Is HourlyRevShare?

HourlyRevShare is an online program designed to revolutionize earnings both to customers and advertisers. The product is advertising credits you purchase then use to promote any of your online offers. What stands out is the ability of HourlyRevShare to share earnings on guaranteed return from 4.5% to 6.5% daily for 30 days. Its ability to perform instant pay outs since Day 1 with excellent corporate communication is simply amazing to keep up.  Individual concerns about certain functions or features of the program are promptly addressed by the able admin. Due to these exemplary performances the company has experienced explosive growths. Making it as one of the hottest program now on the internet.

The available plans are as follows: Basic Plan- 4.5% daily for 30 days; beginning at $5 purchase. Premium Plan- 5.5% daily for 30 days ; beginning at $300 purchase and the VIP Plan- 6.5% daily for 30 days; beginning at $1000 purchase.

Below are the summary of the basic features of this program:

This Is How It Works!
Proceed for a FREE sign up so you can check inside the member's area first and see whether it is right for you or not. Inside the member's area is a training info where you can learn all the details at no cost at all. The official FREE sign up page: HourlyRevShare 

An Industry Overview.

Revenue share programs are on uptrend pattern on the internet. However a lot of outright scams are also out  there to make quick money then disappear. Good programs on the average last for more than two years. And this program is a cut above the rest. The key here is to choose an excellent  program with excellent growth potential. The more it spreads the more likely it will last longer. The number one selling factor is its good performance and HourlyRevShare has already spread especially to veteran online earners.The admin of this program is making sure it will always happen.

What Is In It For You And Me?

Considering that this program is relatively new, this is a ripe opportunity to get in now. You can employ your own strategy as you see fit to your personality and appetite for risks. I know some people who let their total earnings compound first for two months  before deciding to have their first withdrawal and start cashing in their profits. Below is a copy of one person adapting this strategy and posted his transaction on our Facebook group:
H o u r l y R e v S h a r e ™ "The New Kid on the Block"

(o) Finbar started off Over about 3 weeks he put in $12,000

Now... Finbar had the WISDOM to FIRST allow
his PRINCIPAL to GROW by re-purchasing
(and use the power of compounding).

Here is just a few of his Recent Withdrawals

Payment History
History and status of your withdrawal request.
No. Amount Date Merchant Status
1 $2,373.08 2013-02-13 Solid Trust Pay PAID
2 $8,279.73 2013-02-13 Solid Trust Pay
3 $1,489.51 2013-02-11 Solid Trust Pay
4 $7,240.57 2013-02-11 Solid Trust Pay
5 $1,483.13 2013-02-05 Solid Trust Pay
6 $4,809.36 2013-02-05 Solid Trust Pay
$25,673 USD (cash)... all PAID OUT in minutes

of HRS... and shows their Capacity, Willingness
and Promptness to do PAY OUTS.

(wait) BUT...

Finbar's Active Shares: $161,752.00

(wait) AND...

FINBAR has Total Members Referred: 142

(nerd) SO...

I can only hope that you SEE and understand that
these withdrawals are NOT the actions of person
who is QUICKLY trying to CASH OUT...

...instead, Finbar is giving a POWER EXAMPLE of
someone who is really BUILDING

1. a POWER estate account with Wisdom


2. a POWER team, following in his footsteps

Just today... a person joined with $14,000 USD
in Finbar's Team.

Finbar provides LEADERSHIP through example.


A number of people also adapted a different strategy by deciding on what they can afford to invest and then proceed maximum withdrawal immediately. This happens until they have recovered their initial capital before they decide only to compound the net profits. This is quite a more conservative approach  but is widely considered a very smart one since you are into lower risk exposure.

Personally, my strategy here is to let it compound the first week then withdraw all my earnings the following week. Resume to compounding again the next week, then withdraw the coming next week so on and so forth. By this strategy I make withdrawals at the same time grow my online portfolio here.

My Top Recommendation. 

My recommendation here is to get in early make the most money. Of course the usual rule for all money making online programs apply and that is " Only spend what you can afford to lose.". This should be however a must join program for everyone, a part of your more diversified portfolio on making money online. Access FREE sign up here.
Here is a video of how to buy ad packages when you already decided to participate: