Saturday, 2 March 2013

6 Simple Tips To Spot Good Passive Money Maker Programs On The Internet...

Passive Money Maker Programs.

A number of money maker programs that promises a guaranteed daily income are now online. However, major and legitimate concerns are also being brought up due to a percentage of them are just turning into fast scams. Here are some few simple tips that you can implement to spot the very best online money making programs available. These are cost free steps which you can readily implement to check and separate the good from the rotten ones.

The 6 Simple Tips.

1.) Know who are the admin or owner of the program. As in any business you need to know who runs it before you jump into it. Reputation, experience and capability are very important aspects for any business even online programs included. These information should be easily accessed online and if the owners don't make it public it should be one concern you need to raise before joining one. A simple google search like whois(company name) should yield results of registration information and many other important details.

2.) Know what system this program is working on. Is this compensation plan unique or is it just working with the same rehashed system or is it finally using same system with improved features? The most important factor to determine is its degree of sustainability. Will the present payment scheme will last based on the previous performances by programs that run on a similar platform? If a similar program did not survived the last time what are the things taken by this program not to suffer the same fate? Search for what other people are saying about this program by searching (company name)reviews. This should show results on some of the blogs and sites that comments on the features of this program

3.)  Know if the same program has a strong following or that the momentum of this program has already taken off. Any business without loyal customers will soon close, more so with online programs who largely depends on the virality or popularity to spur growth and stability. A good program should have an upward trend of popularity not necessarily with big numbers already but should be an increasing one. A program with millions of members but is stagnant maybe less stable than a program with only few hundreds of members but with an increasing trend of membership registration. One thing to know this is by checking the Alexa chart of this program, Alexa charts shows not only the number of visits this program is getting but also if they are increasing or not.

4.) Assess if the admin are taking their job seriously . You know a good program when they communicate efficiently. So try taking a concern or a question with the communication support. See if they respond promptly and whether the concerns are addressed correctly. See if this is meet before you spend a single dollar on it. A good admin serves as a customer support and can drive strong program followers. This aspect of the program spurs growth and therefore stability. Further ensuring your program to be a REAL, long term  money maker.  

5.) Avoid programs who are frequently offline due to maintenance, upgrade, or to whatever reasons they may not be available especially on withdrawal or cashing out concerns. These are tell tale signs that this program is very risky or might be on the verge of shutting down. If it need be wait at least the program to stabilize before you actively participate on it. So access it first, check the menu dashboard try accessing the program's features and check if they are working properly before you make any purchase on the products they offer.

6.) Before you jump in to major commitment with the program join first to member support groups available on the internet especially on Facebook groups or forums where interactions are more fluid or spontaneous. The information you get here are more organic and appeals to real information or feedback. Your gathered information does not rely alone to official newsletter from program admins so is more reflective of what is really going on in the program. There are also valuable inputs from experienced members as well.

In Conclusion.

Taking a money making program as an income source is really a very rewarding endeavor. A lot of my friends are also making lots of money with it, enough to take a retirement lifestyle. Even if you would only make this as a side income, this can be very lucrative and so easy. You just have to have the right strategy, basic knowledge, and some time management then you are into serious money making experience.

I am taking one program to my portfolio every month. This is to have ample time to scrutinize it first before presenting it to my readers. I usually add it to my official list before the end of the first week of the month. These are the hottest programs who according to my research or background checking are the most likely to be successful. I highly recommend these programs as they are the ones that are most likely to last the longest time in this cut throat industry. Please subscribe here in my blog to receive my monthly updates.