Friday, 13 September 2013

Top 8 Ways To Market Online.

Top 8 Ways To Market Online.

For sometime already, there are established methods on how to market online. Internet marketing has evolved and continues to do so. These methods however have proven themselves to be working for years and remain effective up to the time as of this writing.

Without so much introduction let me enumerate the most popular and effective ways to market online. These are just brief discussion on each subject. If you happen to be on my mailings I am sending you more specific details on each subject as I am doing my campaign using these methods.

1. Blog - blogging remains to be in the top spot of building online reputation and at the same time created more millionaires than any other methods of online marketing.

2. Video Marketing - Along with the popularity of You Tube and the way how Google is ranking videos on their search engine. This has become one of the fastest rising method on how to effectively market online.

3. Social Networking - Social media has now become extremely powerful especially the way they influence people. The social media phenomenon is an everyday experience to most of us affecting not only our opinions but also the way we conduct business online.

4. Safelists and Traffic Exchanges - This has become a congress for specific niche of internet marketers. A lot are having discussion whether this is still effective. For a certain market Safelists and Traffic Exchanges can still be very effective. What you need is a strategy and you can be very profitable using this method.

5. Forum Posting - If you can be proactive, establish yourself to be an expert on a specific niche. This method can be very good in establishing trust and business relationship.

6. Paid Advertising - Very popular among this method are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. There are also other effective ways to make the most bang out of your advertising spending.

7. Advertising That Pays Programs - There are programs or advertising platform/services right now that offers income to those who use their services. Income are either in the form of commissions from people who joined under you or through revenue shares.

You just have to be very careful on the program that you use as a number of them just suddenly closes or not performing anymore. A lot also has very poor advertising value and just uses advertising products to show that they have products and not to be categorized as Ponzi scheme. Out of these many advertising  revenue share programs  MyPayingAds is the one that I trust most and is consistently using. Transparent and trustworthy admin Uday Nara and effective advertising products. You really get sales or sign ups with your advertising here. See Program Review to know more.

8. Classified Ads - An old school method of marketing but still works. You just need to know how to create effective short ads and know where to place it in order to be seen.

Your approach or method choice should be based on who you are or your personality. Discover what you're good at and what is your passion. It really is common sense, if you're good in writing then pursue blogging. If you are on to creating or building business relationships then spend more time in forums. If you are passionate on videos and photos then use the available social media to show your wares and use it as vehicle to launch your advertising campaigns. I am not saying that you only involve yourself on one method, what I try to emphasize is to spend more time to an avenue where you are really good at.