Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Avoid Frustration; Start With Guaranteed Traffic And Income.

One obvious way to grow your business is of course to advertise or promote it. There are however effective and ineffective ways to do it , choosing a right or wrong medium can either spell success or disaster to your business.

For the sake of our discussion we will categorize these kids of advertising into three types. First is Paid Advertising, second is Free Advertising and the third is the Advertising That Pays You Back.

Each of this kind of advertising has advantages and disadvantages. The most popular form of online paid advertising today are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. These are proven effective but you have to apply the right strategy or formula. Not doing so can really cost you a lot of money, so better to use it wisely.

Free advertising can also be worthwhile but the problem is it usually takes a lot of time getting those advertising credits and hence can be a cost by itself. Not to mention that a lot of free advertising sites are nothing but craps, so you must choose very carefully on this.

The third type of advertising is Advertising That Pays You Back. They come in various forms but what lately has made a major impact on the industry are advertising revshare programs. All you have to do is choose the right program for a lot of them failed to deliver or simply shut down due to failure to deliver the promised returns or failed sustainability. Some are even selling worthless advertising credits no clicks or sign ups at all. The most important part for you then is to choose the right program and you are well on your way to the bank.

Among all the advertising revshare programs right now MyPayingAds is the one that I trust the most. Advertising here surely gets results - real sign-ups/sales and it pays you fast! The site is run by a trusted and very transparent admin Uday Nara. MyPayingAds unlike other advertising revshare will surely be here for years.

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