Monday, 15 April 2013

4 Practical Steps For Living Judiciously.

(1.) Glorify Him.

Whether we watch it from lessons of history or reflecting it from our own life's experiences we can readily see the importance of this phrase. There are even times that the success of we are about to do is determined simply because of our attitude towards acknowledging the right source of our strength. Credit to whom credit is due, do not put yourself or your ego above your Creator. After all as the popular poetry goes, " In Him we live, and move and have our being." Now, what could be higher than that? Ascribe to Him all your aspirations and find your fulfillment about anything. So whatever we do, whether by thoughts, by words or by deeds, do it all for the glory of God.

(2.) Start Your day Right.

This one shows your priority and dependence on the way your tasks should be done. Make it your number one schedule to commune with God first. As the proverb goes  " In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." Set it on the right direction and it will surely work out according to its highest purpose.

(3.) Choose Your Friends Well.

Be on guard. There will always be people in this world who are simply envious or just an opportunist to take advantage of any weaknesses you display. If a person does not contribute your well being or odes not support your highest aspirations. But instead this person has a penchant for pulling you down, stay away from that person.

(4.) Maintain That Relationship.

You have to avoid extremes on this matter. This is always tricky as you have to maintain the balance, but living judiciously requires your instincts which are also developed with experiences. First, you have to always remember that you need to connect with people. With what I mean with connect is to work with their cooperation, and by that you need to treat them as individuals with their own dreams or aspirations in life. You need to share yourself (time and attention) in order to communicate  fully well.

The second part though is equally important; not following this principle could prove to be disastrous. I personally experienced it and it just left me thinking why I haven't thought of that in the first place. As you open up yourself to others you need to always remember that "Familiarity breeds contempt." To have a working relationship you need also to remember that most people tend to pull you down to their own level or expectations. This scenario puts you in a situation where it is virtually impossible for you to take off. Communicate but do not lose the self control of not guarding yourself. Do not get too close with just about anyone, make sure to have your own "inner circle".