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What is Traffic Monsoon?

What Is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is offering 100% from all its system purchases to be distributed to all its members. It claims to be one of the few programs to have a legally compliant and sustainable system. Offering a genuine passive income opportunity to everyone who participate. The admin only earns as you do (Charles Scoville) , he also participates by buying revenue share ad spots and sharing the opportunity to everyone he knows to earn commissions. A tiny, tiny percentage is only charge to cover the operational cost and may eventually eliminate this as the program grows bigger.

If  you are an experienced online earner on money maker programs, one of the thing that you can readily notice is that Traffic Monsoon is a Paypal payment processor accepted. Paypal does not accept programs that are suspected of operating as a Ponzi or HYIP scheme. There is therefore a sense of confidence on the sustainability and long term potential of this program.

From Traffic Monsoon registration you can see the following details;
     Entity Number: 9175555-0160
Company Type: LLC - Domestic
Address: 4927 Murray Blvd Z9 Murray, UT 84123
State of Origin:
Registered Agent: Charles Scoville 
Registered Agent Address:
4927 Murray Blvd Z9
Murray, UT 84123
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Status: Active

Purchase Certificate of Existence
Status: Active  as of 09/29/2014
Renew By: 09/30/2016
Status Description: Good Standing
The "Good Standing" status represents that a renewal has been filed, within the most recent renewal period, with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. 
Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

  How It Works?

Traffic Monsoon can be participated by purchasing a revenue share ad spot at $50 worth per spot. This purchase enables your particular website of choice to get guaranteed 15 clicks to banner advertising and another guaranteed 1000 visitors to your said website. The more spots you purchase the more visitors to your website. Furthermore, you can purchase unlimited number of  revenue share ad spots. Practically, to me this is not what you can call an advertisement spending. This purchase can actually bring you profits. You gain valuable advertisement to your online offers, moreover you also earn an income potential to each revenue share ad spot that you buy.

Every time you purchase a $50 share you have a potential return of $55 or a 1110% profit equivalent to all your spending.Traffic Monsoon is paying in real time and withdrawals are being processed fast. All members will earn from all the sales that the system will generate. Payments are also done several times in a day so cashing out is not really an issue here. Other products available are banner ads, cash links, traffic credits, log in ads, etc. . These additional products are being sold separately without rate of return but all sales will be distributed to all ad pack owners. However, these are very responsive form of advertisements most of the members inside are already proven online buyers. More importantly, sales from this system is also distributed to all members as part of the revenue share.

You are eligible to earn the daily revenue share as soon as you viewed the 10 ads per day requirement. Viewing of ads are necessary to keep Traffic Monsoon system rolling as more advertisers from other online programs are willing to pay for more valuable exposures of their offers.

Although recruiting is not required to make money here, Traffic Monsoon offers a 10% referral commission to all your recruit's purchases. This is perfect for those who loves marketing as this will bring added earnings to an already rewarding passive income opportunity. The market potential of this program is virtually unlimited and can possibly grow quite explosive. Traffic Monsoon is available to most countries worldwide. If you have an internet access and you are over 18 years of age then you can make real big money on Traffic Monsoon. Payment processors accepted are: Paypal, Solid Trust Pay and EZBonds.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Steps To Financial Freedom.

Sign up with Traffic Monsoon; then explore all the menu on the dashboard of the member's area. If you have more questions or needed some further clarifications you can contact program support of Traffic Monsoon or just post your questions here on the comments area and a lot of readers will answer it for you (of course that would include me). Then decide how many revenue share ad spots you are willing to purchase for this. And devise a withdrawal strategy, wherein you will be cashing out part of your earnings and at the same time building your portfolio here for the long term source of income.

If you are that interested in marketing, share this opportunity to everyone you can reasonably think of. This will really grow your business big time. Inside the member's area are rich marketing resources you can use to share the Traffic Monsoon income opportunity.

Even if you are broke you can still participate and make money with Traffic Monsoon. Just promote Traffic Monsoon and use your earned commissions to build your portfolio here. After your free sign up access your target referral URL link. at the banners area under the Referring Tools menu on the dashboard. Just ignore the offer to upgrade to get your referral link at the main dashboard so you won't have to spend for anything at first. I have tried it myself the first time I made someone to sign up with me even I have not yet upgraded or purchased a revenue share ad spot. It works just perfectly well with that referral being listed under me. Of course, it goes without saying that if you have already the budget then purchase immediately and start earning big time!

This is a great find of a money maker program. Making REAL money online doesn't come easier than this. Happy earnings! Make some money and spread the good news. FREE sign up.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program