Saturday, 2 July 2016

What is Phoenix Power Rising?


Hi my name is Arnel Macariola of Project Wealth Online. This review is about  a new program that catches my attention it is
called Phoenix Power Rising. 

Phoenix Power Rising has created a buzz lately and most
likely you have been offered or seen an advertisement about this program.

I am glad you are doing your research because so many people
jump into companies on hype alone and then get burned…

You don’t want to get burned right?

Then pay CLOSE attention to this blog post and read it all
the way to the end…

I am going to walk you through the company, the products and
compensation plan…

Let’s jump in shall we?

 Phoenix Power Rising – The Company

Phoenix Power Rising is the brain child of Terri Petty who
actually originally launched this company back in June of 2012.

It was claiming some crazy $850 ROI with every $100

For some reason, the company didn’t do well and fell apart
later that year…

Terri Petty ran another in the past called Project 4 Freedom 2010
which claimed an ROI up to 400%.

That again crashed early 2011.

Now in 2016, Phoenix Power Rising is coming back…

It’s coming back as some kind of discount company on
products and services…

We will look into that next…

Phoenix Power Rising Review – The Products

When you first become a member, you will get access to
10%-60% discounts on over 3000 brand name consumer products and services in the
following categories:

Buyers Club
Travel Deals
Discount Dining
Office Supplies
Rental Cars
Discount Moving
Legal Council
Flowers & Gifts
Motor Homes
Business Letters
Online Fitness
Roadside Services
Tires and Wheels
Pharmacy Card
Only thing is I couldn’t verify if those discounts are
actually true…

They are using some third party portal that has been in
business for 45 years that deal with suppliers etc.

Next, let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Phoenix Power Rising Review – The Compensation Plan

The Phoenix Power Rising Compensation plan is very identical
to the original back in 2012.

They just have higher fee’s which means higher payouts.

They use a 2×3 Matrix cycler which has a total of 16

There are 3 matrices in total.

You must fill each matrix to unlock the next one…

It looks like this:

Matrix 1 (positions cost $120) – pays out $300 and cycles
into Matrix 2
Matrix 2 – pays out $1500, generates a new Matrix 2 position
and cycles into Matrix 3
Matrix 3 – pays out $7500 and generates a new Matrix 3
What is The Cost To Join Phoenix Power Rising?
Members pay $120 which gets you access to discounts on many
different products and services.

This also gets you a position in the matrix and there is no
limit on how many positions you want…

Just know that it will cost you $120 every time…

Phoenix Power Rising – The Conclusion

I am going to address on big problem with this company…

Your $120 investment will get you a $9300 ROI…

To get that, it will require about 77 payments of $120 in
the first matrix.

The problem with companies throwing ROI’s so loosely is

Once the recruitment stops completely, the ROI will

This is what happened to Phoenix Power Rising in 2012…

Plus, there are no refunds so if you don’t like these
products or services, tough luck…

I don’t see any real changes from the original company…

I thought they would at least improve on it so it can be a
long term business…

I personally wouldn’t join because there are so many legit
companies out there…

If you are not sure of one…

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