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3 Steps to Pinterest Traffic Secrets

The Pinterest Traffic.

The reason why it is very advantageous for you to learn these 3 Pinterest traffic secrets is that it has distinct features that can play very well for your benefits. These benefits are nowhere found even on ultra popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. One of that that I will briefly mention is the way that it can become a traffic source even months after you pin your content on Pinterest.

Unlike these other popular social media platforms when you share your content with Pinterest it is not being shown WHEN you shared that particular content. Your content is not being stacked upon by new contents. Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms where new content tramples the old ones, your content with Pinterest will show up as long as it fits the description of the people searching for it.

Your content will continue to work for you years after it was pinned to your board, But how do you properly use Pinterest? Now comes my Pinterest traffic secrets.

3 Steps to Pinterest Traffic Secrets.

Step 1, Build that account - One of the common mistake people are doing especially internet marketers when using Pinterest is after creating an account they just share their contents on Pinterset without building an account first. 

You do not do that because that is just a waste of effort, a pinned content or any content that is shared in the social media without any engagement (repins, likes, shares) is actually just an orphan content. An orphan content is a a content that does not received engagement, search engines actually treats it just a worthless content so they will not show it as suggestion to any of their searches.  

The logic actually is simple because if no one is sharing or talking about it, it just means that it is not important and therefore not worth showing. 

So how do you build your Pinterest account? There is no magic formula, but a genuine strategy how to get organic traffic and interactions from people using Pinterest.  First is you create boards, the boards are our topics or the description of the pins that you are most likely to put into this board. 
Then you pin images into these boards. 

Create at least 10 boards and add 20 pins to each of these boards. By initially building your Pinterest account people will interpret it as someone who is active and therefore will have the confidence to add you back or be connected with your account.

Step 2. Create A Good Reputation - Follow at least 300 Pinners a day for at least 20 days. What will happen is that these people you just followed will follow you back. Having many followers in your account will not only build your account's reputation but will also open up your content to be repinned, liked, reshared, etc.. Once your content received more engagement, search engines will interpret your content to be relevant and therefore valuable content.

Step 3. Be Consistent - Repin at least 20 pins a day to your boards. This is the ingredient that will provide you long lasting results to your account. Every time you repin other people's contents not only will they be informed that they received engagement and therefore will most likely return the favor you also will enrich your account of new contents that will all the more bring value to your audience.

The Benefits of Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Now that you know how to set up an effective Pinterest account, you now have the advantage to get traffic from a reputable organic traffic source which is one popular  social media platform. With traffic coming from these traffic sources you can quickly outrank other sites you are competing with the same keywords. This is an established and already proven strategy how to build your online reputation and if you choose you can make money online with it.

I really hope that you find value in these steps I have shared with you. You can use these steps for any campaign you may have that you think can give you benefits.

If you have thoughts or ideas you may want to add just please leave a comment below.

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