Sunday, 30 June 2013

Does Your Program Really Share Revenue?


Programs that share revenue are one of the biggest thing to hit internet money making industry today. Trail blazed by the now famous compensation plan of 100% revenue share it has taken this particular internet industry by storm. Who wouldn't be? This is a great passive income source and great advertising to boot. Finally a way to really make big money even if you have zero internet marketing skills and if you are a veteran online earner you can make a ton of money out of this too. These programs work for newbies and experienced internet marketers alike.

How To Qualify A Program That Really Share Revenues.

We need to post questions and submit these programs for scrutiny to really check their potential of profitability. Indeed just some few basic criteria to qualify our chosen programs.

(1.) Check the program owner or who admins the program. It really is common sense, you need to know who you are doing business with. You need to know the person or the company behind the program. Are they really trustworthy? Are they capable to run such huge tasks of distributing wealth to everyone? What are there previous experiences to back up such claims? Online reputation is really important here, it sometimes make or break the success of the particular program. MyPayingAds major strength is on this area. Uday Nara the admin/owner is quite transparent in building his online reputation.

(2.) What are the program features that stands out from the rest? Is it really worth trying or just a poor wannabe?  Better advertising results and so far sustained better daily share revenue percentages.

(3.)  Does it really have a high value product? Bottom line is if your revenue share program doesn't have a high value product it will only be just another money cycler. All of the members money are just being circulated in the system without the real benefits of purchasing the program's products. If you are buying advertising credits that amounts to no clicks or zero views is just a made up product with no real value at all.

(4.) How does it generate income sources? Or is it really sustainable? Other income sources are really vital, if its only source of income is the money from the purchased revenue shares it will only dilute the amount or the quality of the revenue shares. Without external money, the fulfillment of the income potential will be slower and slower especially with less new people coming into the program. The objective to share revenue will eventually self destruct behaving similar to that of a Ponzi scheme. That is why MyPayingAds has numerous products that are being sold separately within the site. The sales of these products 100% of it are also distributed to all members as part of the objective to share revenue.

Consider This.

If you are looking to make REAL big money on the internet or is trying to add some more to your already established online business, programs that share revenue are one of the best place to go. It really works, to newbies or experienced internet marketers alike. What you just need to do is qualify a good program and participate to the real good ones.

I highly recommend that you start with the tested and proven on this industry. Those that really share revenue with reliability and will most likely do it for a very long time. If you have no other good program on hand I also would like to recommend to start with at least two. You see, these type of programs are offering effective advertising , they are actually the products that you purchased when you participate with the program. And if you promote the same program to its own site would be downright useless. All of  your audience are already members of that particular program and convincing them to join the same is pointless. Advertise that program to the other site and likewise to the other. This way you will be getting sign ups completely on auto pilot. Growing your business online can never get any better than this.

With its very visible admin/owner Uday Nara ever present on Facebook, Skype, on its webinars and travel abroad to meet members. Discussing updates on the program and the entire industry itself. I have never seen as transparent and reliable of a program owner on this industry as Uday Nara. Worthy to mention of course is that MyPayingAds has very good features and is paying big as well. Absolutely no delay on your withdrawal payments,

This  program is certainly gearing up to emerge as industry leader. Who will perform better? I really don't know, but MyPayingAds definitely set up the standard to make real big money online and to stay that way for a very long time. These are one of the few ethical programs that really share revenue.

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