Monday, 29 October 2012

I Hate OTO's (One Time Offer).

I don't know about you, but no matter how I ignore it for a number of times already. I sense some chilling feeling on what might have been or what kind of opportunity I'll be missing every time I encounter an OTO and do nothing about it. OTO's are designed to be like that, to call for action, to seize the opportunity so that people would commit.

But on the contrary on the buyer's side is the necessity to make an informed decision. And how could I make a certain informed decision if I haven't tried it yet? So that is why I hate OTO's, as a buyer I need to know the product first before I put my money into it. Online products unlike on the offline world cannot be touched or be seen unless you availed and experienced it.So there is no way of knowing it but to test the product yourself. Problem with OTO's is after you missed the offer you have to pay the higher regular price if after testing and you liked the product. It seems that we are trapped into this dilemma.

I then suggest a simple solution  for buyers to implement so that they can test it first and still avail the OTO's. In this way they have a certain informed decision before taking an out of pocket investment. 

You see most of the internet products or programs have a FREE to join option. Then after joining as a free member, the moment you go in to member's area they bombard you with OTO's and other call to action offers that leaves you on your nerves. In order to resolve this, what you are going to do is sign up on the program using a junk email (create one if you don't have any). Completely ignore the OTO's as you enter the member's area. Access the feature of the product as a free member then test if it really benefits you. If you liked it, sign up again using your legitimate or your contact email address then avail the OTO's this time. This way you benefit with the full potential of the product without you jumping to one offer without any confirmed real information.

This solution is simple, direct and can work to benefit both parties. So the next time you encounter a seemingly great product and telling you to join FREE! Arm yourself with a junk email test the offer first and decide for yourself if it is indeed great or not. Do not forget to sign up again using your another email and avail the OTO's after confirming on real experience that the product is true to its claim.