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Click Intensity Review. What is Click Intensity?

What is Click Intensity?

Before you jump into anything it is very important to know something about it first so that you can trust it in a level that you can personally or intelligently afford.

You may already have heard about Click Intensity as this program or company has already gained traction. Its popularity already spread worldwide. In fact, it has on its corporate objective to be a household name in one or two years after its launch.

Whether you already have heard about Click Intensity or not let me provide you a brief Click Intensity review or information details. This review will give you an idea about Click Intensity features, explain how it works, and provide details on the people operating the company. More importantly, I will also discuss how it will benefit YOU. Whether this can be massively profitable for you or if it is really worth your time participating programs like Click Intensity.

Perhaps you also visit this site verifying if Click Intensity is a legitimate company. If Click Intensity is not scam run by people taking advantage the vulnerability of online transactions. That before you arrive to a conclusion there should be facts or data supporting why you arrive to such decision.

I can readily affirm that such inclination is a wise decision. You need to do your due diligence. After all it is not only money that is at stake but also your precious time you can otherwise devote to other worthwhile endeavor instead of spending it to garbage programs.

Well then, I can confidently say with full conviction that this can be the only site you need to visit to confirm if this company is a scam or not. I am not someone who will promote something that is questionable or ill motivated. At the same time I will not bash other online programs just to endorse what I am promoting. In fact, my online presence or my social media accounts are with my real name.

My social media accounts have been there for many years because I believe in long term business. I am present to most social media platforms but I am most active on Facebook and you can check for my profile here: Arnel Macariola Facebook Account.  

The information I will be sharing is coming from someone who have accessed the member's area. These information are verified and not just mere speculation or opinion by someone who never made due diligence in researching the topic. I will share it in the best unbiased attitude that I can muster. So that you will be in the best position to arrive in a wise and informed decision.

As a general description Click Intensity is a high quality advertising revenue sharing site. Official public launch is March 27, 2016. For those who are new to the advertising revenue sharing industry or ad revshare, ad revshare sites are companies offering advertising services and at the same time an opportunity for members to earn through revenue sharing. A way for members to advertise while earning a good passive income by purchasing ad shares. Sales from the site is being distributed to all members owning ad packages.

So, Click Intensity belongs to this category but being a revolutionary program it offers so much more. Click Intensity introduces some industry changing features like a network of more advertising services. Most ad revshare companies, offer only traffic exchanges, banner ads, text ads, and log in ads. Click Intensity up the ante by introducing more advertising services not usually offered in the ad revshare industry these include but not limited to network of thousands of high ranking websites or blogs, videos, social media exchange, computer/mobile games, apps, etc.

Aside from more advertising services being offered Click Intensity also have more advantages on its compensation plan especially for those who can build a good team.Click Intensity has 10% referral commissions to all your referrals' purchases it also offers multi level compensation up to 7 levels deep of your team structure.

It is also worth to note that the site is not just a copy cat revenue share script. It is a custom made script, in fact, I can truly say that it is the most interactive, clean, and user friendly site compared to other advertising revenue sharing sites I have seen. And I have seen a lot of advertising revenue sharing sites to date.

More Basic Information About Click Intensity.

Click Intensity is communicating through its CEO himself Nick Johnson and Tara Mish as Head of Communications. They both interact with members inside Click Intensity's official Facebook Group and Tara is producing videos regularly to issue updates and some tips to drive each business to another level.

Each ad pack costs $25 each and will expire when it reaches $30.  There is no assurance when it will reach $30 as it distributes actual sales happening in the site. But being one of the leader in this industry, it can happen very fast.The payment processors available inside are Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin, Payeer, Bank Wires, and Debit/Credit Cards via merchants. 

The minimum pay out is $25. The earnings are expressed in Gold Coins, 1000 Gold Coins is equal to $25. Withdrawals are easily processed through the Quick Pay Ewallet available inside member's area.

The site registration when I checked online reveals the information below:

Five Ways to Make Money Inside Click Intensity. 

This is topic that you should be interested when we are talking about ad revshare sites. Well of course aside from the high quality advertising it provides, Click Intensity is offering a lot of ways to make money inside the members' area. I will describe five ways how to do that inside Click Intensity.

1. First is by doing simple cash tasks inside. Click Intensity will be paying you by doing simple tasks like sharing social media posts, watching videos, simple online tasks, clicking ads, and playing games. This is an outright earnings without having to put in your self. You can either use these earnings to purchase products inside or cash out these earnings for profit.
2. Profit Sharing. This is the most profitable activity inside any legitimate ad revshare site. You can earn good passive income without selling or recruiting. Turn every $25 ad package you purchase inside and make it into $30.
3. Promoting Click Intensity. As a paid member (bought at least 1 ad pack) you will earn 10% from all purchases your referrals will make for life! As a free member you will be earning 5%.
4. Team Rewards. This is the special sauce on this site. You will grow your income exponentially by employing the powerful strategy of MLM compensation plan. Click Intensity will pay up to 7 levels deep of your team structure. Here is an image that tabulates how this compensation is laid out:
5. Back End Sales. You can earn direct referral commissions and also up to 7 levels deep team structure reward when someone purchase advertising services. These advertising services can include but not limited to log in ads, solo ads, pop up ads and many others. This is real and transparent business as they are distributed in real time of 30 minutes interval. 
6. I mentioned only five (5) being the official company information released on their platform but in my personal opinion there can be six ways for you make real money on this company. You can actually use the advertising services (with or without revenue sharing) to promote whatever other online business you may have. 
This site is a good exposure for opportunities like MLM, Forex Trading, Affiliate Programs, etc. . Remember that Click Intensity actually offers high value advertising services. So you can use the advertising products you already have when you participate and use it to promote your sites and earn commissions from sales generated. Big money opportunity that you should not ignore.     

    The video below briefly introduces and explains what is Click Intensity.

My Recommendation.

Click Intensity is one opportunity that can truly claim 100% success for everyone. It is because unlike other opportunities such as traditional MLM, matrix systems, etc. you do not need to recruit or sell  to make REAL money with Click Intensity. Click Intensity gives you an option to earn through passive income and at the same time an opportunity to accelerate your success by giving referral commissions for people who can promote.

This is a better program for anyone to join and start make real money online. This is best even when you have other online business because aside from earning income, Click Intensity will also promote any legitimate business that you may have. 

You may want to belong to a team with bonuses and personal support. Join Here.Your success will be ensured just by staying active, confident and enthusiastic about the real benefits this company offers.

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