Friday, 29 January 2016

Traffic Monsoon: Earning money even with zero dollars to start. Day 2


Today is the second day of my journal with my Traffic Monsoon business. As of today, all the earnings or money inside the  account that are shown came from referral commissions and these referrals all came from free traffic methods. 

In the next coming days I am planning to build this account so you should be seeing me doing the repurchase through my   earnings and referral commissions. I may or may not add personal money later on but if ever I do it is only to speed up my earnings here with Traffic Monsoon.

My point here and I hope that it is well taken that you can start with zero dollars with Traffic Monsoon and grow this as a full time income source.

This will be the subject of my journal as I will be recording my daily activities using the free method of internet marketing and that is through blogging using a free platform which is blogger and videos which is also FREE. I’ll then share this to my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. which are again FREE platforms. I’ll just keep track of my progress here and through that method can attract an audience that will later on join with me.

The purpose of this is to show a way for anyone to market online without spending anything and make this as your strategy to earn full time income. You can copy, adapt or modify these methods as you find it fitting for your strategy and online success.

As you can see from the screenshot below that although my active referrals (people who actually bought something inside Traffic Monsoon) remains at only 3, but the amount of commissions increased from $102 to $112 so somebody in my active referrals bought an amount of $100 for that day making me to earn an additional $10 from the said purchase. 

My total earnings now become $186 from $175 yesterday, so aside from $10 referral commissions earned during the day, I have an approximately $1 earning coming as a passive income from 1 active ad pack I currently have.

So my first 24 hours since taking this income opportunity more seriously gave me additional $11 for the day this made my available cash balance to over $30 which I plan to grow up to $50 to buy more ad pack. Buying more ad pack will eventually increase my earnings in passive income since I will have more revenue ad share working for me.

Company Updates and Activities:

Las Vegas Event on February 6, 2016 cash out your earnings with Traffic Monsoon. Access your money using ATM's worldwide that accepts Mastercard or directly use the card for your purchases.

The owner himself Charles Scoville are providing the updates. Here is one update about the newly hired CFO Chief Financial Officer of the company.

Access the news link:

All members are excited as they see that this will bring growth and a huge potential for this company to go mainstream and become another multi- billion dollar. The best part is it will allow you and me to participate and take part on the earnings this company will be generating.

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