Tuesday, 20 October 2015

MyPayingAds Strategy

UPDATE!!! I have an updated review in one of my blog post about My Paying Ads. 

It discusses the present features and status of My Paying Ads. Click here to visit!


Mypayingads is the best ad revshare out there. It is a trusted program and at the same time you can access it for lower cost and have your earnings faster. You can grow your business really fast here but you still have to apply an effective strategy to always come out as a winner. 

The Strategy.

This particular strategy with MyPayingAds can actually work with any other advertising revenue sharing sites. Even we trust MyPayingAds site it is still best to employ some plan so that you grow your number of shares and at the same time secure your initial investment making you fully secure that you win with both website traffic and money earned.

Here is a simple strategy that works every time. First, is to grow your earning adpacks. So, after you buy the maximum number of adpacks that you can afford, for the first 30 days grow your number of shares to its maximum potential. You go repurchase all your earnings to increase your number of earning shares or adpacks.

After 30 days you then go to the withdrawal mode. What I mean on this is that you withdraw all the earnings that is allowed. Because MyPayingAds has a 70/30 then only 30% of your earnings can be withdrawn and the rest will be used for repurchase. This is also good because you still grow the number of shares while pulling out some money to recover your initial purchases.

After you have recovered your seed money or money that you initially spent. Set a target daily income or money that you can approximately withdraw as earnings with MyPayingAds. Then you go repurchase mode again until you achieve number of shares that can be able to provide you with the target daily income amount.

Moving Forward

When you achieve your number of shares for the target income. Then its time to move forward and get another possibly newer site that will provide you more traffic (new audience) and more earning income opportunities.

Hope I provided you easy to understand strategy so you make money with this industry. This is booming and I really think that you should make money with this right now.

Access here: MyPayingAds Site

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