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Traffic Monsoon Review. Is it a Scam or Legit?

Traffic Monsoon's admin Charles Scoville with son.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

The following review will tell you details of what I really know and my experience on Traffic Monsoon. Let us get rid of reviews that hyped up and only gives out the good side just to sell the program. The "review side" is only for the promotion. 

The other extreme side of course is one common practice where program promoters will bash all other programs. They will highlight the negative and speculate its downfall just to promote their own program. They will then endorse the company they are promoting as one of the few who is legit and the only best program out there.

On this Traffic Monsoon program review, I will tell you as it is. More of a balanced view, you will see the difference especially if you follow my journey and updates on this program. You will see both the struggles and the glory. The real score of how I am currently doing and what exactly I did for it to be successful.

This review is coming from a member or from an insider's view. Otherwise you wouldn't get any better information at all. An information coming from an observer can just be wild predictions often broadcast for self serving purposes. Or if the information is just based on other people's experiences may not be a better guess than yours. 

Let me say it in the most direct and plain manner,  this is the only  program review about Traffic Monsoon that you need to see. Although I have other program reviews and even have regular updates in the status of my Traffic Monsoon account, this is the review that contains enough honest information for you to decide whether you participate with Traffic Monsoon or not.  

Before I tell you if Traffic Monsoon is a scam or not let me discuss first what it is and who is the owner/admin of the site. Then at the end of this blog post, I'll discuss or give conclusion if Traffic Monsoon is a scam or if it is right for you.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

So to really define a particular thing we have to talk about what it is. What Traffic Monsoon does  and more importantly how it is going to benefit us? 

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising site where advertisers can buy internet traffic for their sites or offers while offering an option to also buy revenue shares. Revenue share packages aside from giving you advertising credits will also give you potential earnings. With Traffic Monsoon the cost of an advertising package is $50 that will give you an earning potential of $55. 

Even as a free member you can still earn from this site. Traffic Monsoon offers cash links that pays you $0.02 to $0.001 dollar per click. Also all members will earn 10% referral commissions to all purchases of advertising and 100% equivalent commissions to all the earnings through clicks of your referrals. So far, all withdrawals are paid on time or no unreasonable delays have been reported. 

As a pure advertiser you can also use Traffic Monsoon. Most if not all of the members on this site is into making money from the internet so if your niche is the same this particular site is for you to promote your offers. What I really recommend is to advertise either other money making opportunities or online tools that can grow any business.

Here is one video that explains what you can get with Traffic Monsoon. 

Lots of sites are being created with features like Traffic Monsoon or at least saying that they are also ad revenue share sites. Most of them fold out in less than 6 months. It is just then a question of some practical  features that can spell its sustainability and of course admin management that will predict longevity of the program. Traffic Monsoon looks to outperform them all, the next paragraphs will discuss about this aspect.

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Who is Traffic Monsoon?

The program is almost as equivalent as its admin or owner. After all it is on people that will handle the program where we put our trust or hard earned money to be managed.  In this case the admin of Traffic Monsoon is Charles Scoville. Charles Scoville is quite experienced in this industry as he had administered quite a number of PTC sites before like InfinityBux and even ad revenue share site AdHitProfits included. 

This serve as both a negative and positive scores for him because some of these sites already stopped making big money but in fairness to the guy he is quite outright in giving expectations with these programs ad the lessons he learned so he can offer something better this time. Hopefully this serves a lot of lessons to him that he is indeed offering something that we can count on for life with Traffic Monsoon now. 

At the onset Traffic Monsoon certainly looks and feel better when you compare it with similar programs. It has better security and the likes, also the advertising exposure are much better verified making sure that your advertisement are getting real eyeballs it deserved.

He is also travelling abroad meeting people in order to promote the business, a good sign for me, as this will not only level up transactions but also induces trust (few online scammers would even dare meet its customers face to face). 

A testament to its success are when Charles Scoville opens the back office of Traffic Monsoon showing to a lot of members and leaders during conventions and meetings. He is showing  the surplus funds available like the one in December, 2015 at Birmingham, U.K.where he revealed the 32 million dollar surplus funds inside members' area. Even all members decide to withdraw all their funds Traffic Monsoon still has a lot of money left to operate the business.

Also during the presentation, he is showing the future plans in store for the company particularly the other businesses in line that will all the more drive growth and external income sources that will serve to fuel revenues for the ad package share holders.

More relevant information about the Traffic Monsoon company: 

A quick search on the internet about the website information indicates that is a legit site with registration information below: 

Traffic Monsoon
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 48
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Creation Date: 30-aug-2014

Here is a link that will lead you to its registration as a legitimate business. Please access here>>> Division of Corporations and Commercial Code

Also an image showing performance update on its first year ranking it among industry's giants: 

The Conclusion:

Traffic Monsoon to me is a good site to use if you are to promote something on the internet especially on the "Make Money Online" industry. Traffic Monsoon is not an investment site as the program clearly stipulates so don't use it as such. You should take advantage on the high quality advertising services that Traffic Monsoon is offering. 

A lot of people are using revenue sharing sites for money games, I cannot totally blame them as even with this flawed approach a lot of people are getting results and that is earning REAL MONEY.

This is really good earnings considering that this can be practically passive income source (unless you consider clicking 10 ads a day - hard work). 

To maximize the benefits though, I would really encourage you to make sure to use the traffic you bought by using your advertising credits. You can get any online products or company be an affiliate (most companies lets you sign up as an affiliate for free); and use its ready made advertising materials to be displayed inside Traffic Monsoon.

For me, I use my splash page to distribute a FREE ebook which I believe is high value and would really benefit readers. In return I am getting leads for my other online businesses and at the same time I am earning an average of 2% to 5% passive income through my revenue sharing positions.

Charles Scoville is a good man and I consider him as one of the guys that is on our side. Sincere and honest  enough to make decent income without scamming people. He has his shortcomings especially on the programs that he had earlier. But what makes him great is that he learned from his mistakes. Made sure it would be better the next time. 

Long term profitability? I guess only time will tell, but right now I  can honestly say that I see a lot of bright spots that my hope is not without good reasons. I see a lot of improvement on this site when compared to his previous programs. I sincerely believe that these improvements are enough to assure us that this time it will not become stagnant. 

I think Traffic Monsoon can be a game changer and will make a lot of money for everyone. This can be your full time income source. Participate on whatever amount you can afford at the moment and if you have time promote Traffic Monsoon. You will accelerate your earnings and grow your Traffic Monsoon business in the soonest time possible.

My over all recommendation is to use Traffic Monsoon, this is certainly not a SCAM program Make some earnings by employing a strategy; purchase, repurchase then cash out some earnings and grow your revenue share ad packages account while advertising your offers. 

This is a practical approach to immediately make money online while building your leads or promoting your other offers, a REAL win win situation. You have your money well spent on high value advertising plus the potential to earn that money back for MORE! 

I don't want you to get left behind, although this has already gained popularity but it is still early in the game or industry and the best time to join is NOW!

Are you thinking of joining Traffic Monsoon? You can join for FREE and make money immediately just by clicking cash links inside or promote to earn commissions. You can get serious and purchase revenue share ad packages after you have seen the features inside. 
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