Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Right Internet Income Opportunity And Advertising Platform.

Internet Income Opportunity

The year 2015 seems to be set up to a right internet income opportunity. Except for some hard headed fraud sites that continue to prey for newbies, a lot of legitimate and good quality online opportunities came out blazing right from late last year to early this year.

Another Key Ingredient For Success.

But what could still be missing when you have already found the right income opportunity? Your guess is as good as mine, a highly targeted audience that will join you with your opportunity to let your business grow. The key is a right advertising platform. Google ads seems to perform better than most paid advertising form. However, without the right strategy on this platform you could be losing a lot of money with no results to show for it.

Then there are Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. Although these are low cost source of traffic you need to play by the numbers with this kind of traffic strategy and building residual traffic can cost you a lot of time. With this kind of strategy you need not only hundreds but thousands of daily traffic to your sites or squeeze pages in order to get meaningful results. This is achievable as proven by a number of marketers but you need to build residual traffic in order to achieve this. And this residual traffic as I have mentioned  can cost you a lot of time and money to build.

The third option is using advertising revshares platform. Before you cry out SCAM! Let me further explain that you need to qualify the advertising revshare program before you join to one. In recent months, most of these advertising revshares close out in less than six months. Either they were run by scum bugs, or the features are just not that sustainable or plain and simple inefficient admins incapable of running a business.

In my experience however there are advertising revshares that stood out, one example is Revshare from Uday Nara MyPayingAds (see program review). He has proven time and again that he intends this program to last for many years. 
  To choose an advertising revshare as an option for your online business is pretty obvious. You get paid out of your revenue shares and at the same time you earn from the advertising that you put up which will eventually give you results.

All I can say is if you have a home based income opportunity, advertise it now using advertising revshares programs. Choose wisely, I highly recommend it to explode your business in the fastest time possible with less risk of losing your money.

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