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Traffic2Prosperity Review - Is It Real Or Worthless?

What Is Traffic2Prosperity?

Traffic2Prosperity is an advertising site that looks like a typical Traffic Exchange but operates like an internet traffic cooperative. It is managed by Eric Abbott, and Randy Howard. Traffic 2 Prosperity (T2P) utilizes a broad range of advertising platforms to show your sites on, while they do have some of the basic features that all traffic exchanges offer like the surfing function however T2P takes it to the next level by showing your sites at over 300+ other Traffic Exchanges, Ad Exchanges, Twitter, Facebook, Google ad, Safelists, Mailers, PTC sites, classifieds and other types of advertising sites all done using a single platform.

While you are focused on promoting yourself and growing your list, T2P are focused on driving the traffic to help give you the opportunity for your list to grow. All you will need to do is save a large amount of credits on your sites.Traffic2Prosperity provide you with several ways to profit credits

Traffic2Prosperity Main Features.

1) Promote any of the T2P splash pages  you will earn credits everytime someone views them.
2) Refer others  you receive a percentage of credits from their surfing efforts
3) Surf for credits  you earn credits by viewing other members sites in the T2P system. The 3 second running time is a welcome relief. Longer than that anyway leaves people to click for other tabs to let the timer runs out before they come back to click for more. Three seconds actually make them more glued to the site and your offer.
4) Upgrade  depending upon what package you pick determines how many credits you gain all month when your account renews. Available at Free membership but to be honest, free membership only gives you penny benefits. If you are a serious internet marketer go for the upgrade.
5) Buy Credits  self explanatory
6) Surf Rewards  when you are done surfing for the day be definite to collect your surf rewards
7) Email Promo Codes. T2P send out promo codes via emails, surf bonus pages, private messages, etc.
8) Surf Promo Codes  T2P send these out via emails, surf bonus pages, private messages, etc. as well.
9.) The Daily TRAFFIC BLAST. At 10 pm EST all day, lasting for an hour or more  T2P blasts members sites with traffic from all sorts of different sources  PTC  TEs and more.The amount traffic varies daily. But recently they've been delivering thousands of views in a relatively brief time- traffic in the order of a immense suppliers such as EasyHits4U (begin pages for $150>). And they are doing this for relatively low cost of $13 (for 1,000 ad credits) or $30 (for 10,000 ad credits) per month. Successful marketers need good traffic for a low cost like this.
10.)  T2P Recruits for its members and tries to upgrade them for you. When T2P delivers your web sites, it not only advertises the URLs you submit, but your T2P Referral Link at the similar time. Which is in turn is getting referrals, for no extra effort upon a members part.

But it gets better. If the new sign-up to your T2P submits their Skype ID into their member profile for branding their marketing materials  Eric Abbott connects with them and invites them into a Skype discussion for members where they could be influenced to upgrade once they see the unique features of the program too. I am getting signups and upgrades  people I don't know no doubt, via T2P itself.

My Conclusion.

Due to these features  I can see this new program gaining momentum and possibly look its membership numbers go viral. I recommend the program primarily for Advertising and Traffic/Lead Generation, secondarily to earn with too, given that the unique, icy features makes it simple to market.

Over the weekend I scoured the internet for feedbacks and other people experiences with it. Most are good feedbacks except for one who got it negatively in one forum claiming that he only got 120 sign ups for 220,000 advertising credits that he bought for over $200. I figured that  this guy has yet to understand the rudiments of traffic exchanges. People here are primarily surfing for credits so your ads should adjust to that market. You are dealing with numbers here so be better prepared with the kind of opportunities that you offer. The fact that you get sign ups is a real proof that you get real traffic albeit in a very short span of time to each person.

The fact still remain that Traffic2Prosperity solve my dilemma of having to sign up many traffic exchanges in order to tap this undeniably huge market. Thousands are flocking in everyday to traffic exchanges and getting  to connect with the majority of them using one site is a major convenience and advantage.  Sign Up Now!

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